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Medium  |  Female

Mankato, MN


To adopt fill out an adoption form:
Name: Jessie
Age: 3 years
Gender: female
Breed: greyhound mix
Weight: 45 pounds
Dog friendly: yes, but shy at first
Cat friendly: unsure
Child friendly: yes, but shy at first
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Energy level: moderate
Temperament: shy, gentle, loving, sweet, quiet, determined, smart!
Adoption Fee: $275 plus tax
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From the Foster Family:
Jessie came to us frightened and shut down. She seemed to have had a rough life before being rescued. She was thin, tired out, and still drying up from nursing her puppies. The first days here she only wanted time alone to lay outside, in the sun. Within the first week, she was warming up to my three resident dogs which include: two small dogs and one medium size puppy, but still needed time to decompress in her kennel most of the day. After a couple weeks of being here though, she is a different dog! She loves playing with the 23 pound puppy and even lets the little dogs chase after her! She is fast and agile! She has a definite 'mama' personality and tries to protect the puppy when he is up to his puppy antics. She loves playing with squeaky toys, and chewing on antlers. She prefers to cuddle next to the puppy most times instead of being alone, however, when she needs her alone time, she will let other dogs know in a very gentle, but firm tone. She has only barked on one occasion while being here. She is quiet, gentle with everyone, and loving. Her eyes are intensely soulful and are a beautiful color of golden/yellow brown. She thoroughly enjoys getting brushed, rubbed and told how pretty she is. She loves her people now, but is still timid with meeting new faces. Jessie will really blossom in a home that has another dog for her to love, frolic with and protect. Her forever family should be patient with her and understand that it may take a little time for her to warm up. Once she opens up, she is the sweetest girl and has so much love to give. She will stay in her crate but prefers to be lounging on the couch or pet bed, free to stretch and move. She is very intelligent and has been able to maneuver herself out of the kennel a couple times when she felt she needed to. Her legs are super springy and agile! My 6 foot fence does not deter her from checking out the neighbors yard. She enjoys her stable routine, dependable meal times and neighborhood walks. She is happily content being together with all the family, but also thrives with a little alone time. She is still a little shy with new people but opens up quickly with some reassurance. She listens to commands fairly easily although a little guarded at times. We have been working on basic training and teaching her not be afraid of people. She is excellent on a leash and really enjoys going for walks with all of us! Loud noises, traffic and unfamiliar sounds do make her nervous though. Overall, she is just a kind, gentle soul who is in search of a loving, quiet home to call her own. She will thrive with people who are patient with her, give her a dependable routine and show her that she is loved. If I didn’t already have 3 dogs, I would keep her myself. She really is a great dog. Thanks for taking time to read about Jessie. If you think she would be a perfect addition to your family, fill out the application and we will arrange a meeting.

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Mankato, MN

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