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Poodle (Miniature)

9 years, 6 months

Sylmar, Ca


Jethro a sweet 9-year-old Poodle‬ rescued from East Valley Animal Shelter‬ in May

This sweet senior was so happy to see people when they came to his kennel, we just had to rescue him.
His initial vet visit showed he had slight liver issues, and a severe ear infection, the ear infection turned into a ruptured ear drum despite us treating it the best we could. His body also had a lot of hair loss with unknown cause.
After many visit to the vet to treat his ear infection, a culture was sent out to see what kind of bacteria was growing in his ear. The results were no good. He had three antibiotic resistance bacteria and the only option to make him pain free was to have a very expensive but necessary Ear Ablation surgery. While he had the surgery, the surgeon noted that his ear canal was abnormally short and thickened by years of untreated ear infection. They also found a fox tail deeply embedded (which was not seen during previous ear cleaned under sedation). Unfortunately his luck did not get much better and there was a complication to the surgery. Within a day of the surgery, we could tell something was wrong. His ear flap was necrotic and the back of his ear abscessed and opened. He had to have a second surgery, this time to amputate the dying ear flap and close up the abscess. It is thought that there was still embedded fox tail in his area, causing it to abscess and open. So he now has a little more character, with only one ear, but still the happy little dude we first met at the shelter.
Now for the great news!
Now that the ear is healed from the surgery, he is no longer in pain... AND his hair is growing back!
He has one more step before adoption, getting his teeth cleaned (again, his ear infection cause terrible tartar buildup) and he is ready for adoption!
He will have another blood work to test his liver (which we think will be fine) and a teeth cleaning, and will healthy and ready to go!
We are now taking foster to adopt application (Foster until his teeth are cleaned)
To adopt Jethro, please fill out an adoption application and an adoption councilor will be in touch!
Southern California adoption only.
To adopt one of our dogs, please fill out an adoption application on our website After filling out the adoption application, we will schedule a home check and meet and greet with you and your family. At the home check, you will have the option to adopt your new furry friend.
All dogs come microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and spayed/neutered vet checked prior to adoption. We vaccinate our dogs appropriately for their age and time spent in the rescue. You may need to provide your adopted dog with additional booster shots depending on the age of the animal. All adopter receive a copy of the adoption contract and all medical information.
We do not have a kennel. All dogs are in foster homes. If you would like to meet a dog, please fill out the adoption application.
Adoption fees range from $150 (for a senior) to $350 (for a puppy)
If you would like to help us save more lives, please consider a life saving donation by following this link... Like us on facebook!!!

Adopt Me
Sylmar, Ca

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