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Medium  |  Male

San Francisco, CA


Joe, neutered male, 5 months old, 18 lbs.
Meet Adorable Joe
Hi, my name is Joe. I am a very submissive, sweet and happy young boy. I don’t quite remember how I got rescued. All I remember was my siblings and I were dumped in a ditch in a storming night. The ditch was seriously flooded with heavy rain. We were too young and weak to climb up. No matter how hard we howled for help, our voice was covered with loud thunders and heavy rain. Few hours past, we were all too tired and freezing cold to make any sound. When I was about to give in, I heard some people running toward us. They soon picked each one of us out of the ditch. Very soon we all were sitting in a clean box with soft mat to keep us warm. One of the nice lady took us to an animal hospital for though physical checkup. We were so lucky that none of us got cold or injured. After intensive care, I grew up with clean bill of health. I am always very friendly to other creatures. I love children and get along well with doggie friends. We can play all day long. Though my foster mom and dad are very nice to me, I wish one day I can truly own a forever loving home. If you are the one I’ve been looking for, please come visit me at to view more “Joe’s” videos and profile, click “APPLY” to fill out online application and take me home.
The dog is: Submissive.
Energy level: Medium energy.
The dog is: With shy and mellow temperaments, enjoys friendly doggie companionship.
Is the dog friendly with: People Y, Children Y, Dogs Y, Cats Not interested
Is the dog good and patient with young children? Shy but friendly.
Is the dog housetrained? Outside and inside on wee wee pad.
Does the dog get along well with other dogs at home and in public? Yes, very well.
Does the dog bark continuously when left alone? No, not a barker.
Does the dog chew? Sometimes if he gets bored.
Does the dog get along well with cats? Not interested.
Does the dog walk well on leash? In training.
Does the dog have food aggression to other dogs? No.
Does the dog have food aggression to people? No.
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating? Yes.
Is the dog afraid of man? No.
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? No.
Is there any part of the body the dog doesn’t like to be touched? No.
How is the dog with new environment? Adjust well.
Does the dog know any command? Sit before gets treats and food.
Is there anything the dog doesn’t like or afraid of? Bully gestures.
Are there any red flags we should know? No.

Please visit to view more “Joe’s” videos, click “APPLY” to fill out online application.

Adopt Me
San Francisco, CA

(415) 221-5733

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