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San Francisco, CA


Johnny , neutered, 4 years, 22lbs
Johnny was abandoned and found in front of the coffee shop three years ago. No one knows when he started to stay there and how long had he been lonely and helpless?
The person who found him posted an article in Facebook. Then, an Internet friend took Johnny to leave there. We originally thought John started his happiness life. However, owing to some reasons, the rescuer could not adopt him and planned to send him to the private shelter/ home.

Meanwhile, the owner of that place started to look for Johnny’s suitable adopter. Unfortunately, the Internet friend suddenly disappeared two months later and no longer paid off the where Johnny was boarding.
Finally, the person from the shelter/ home found the suitable adopter for Johnny. She really took care of Johnny well and let Johnny have the shortly happiness time. But Johnny’s new mama, who faced some problems of her marriage, she had to send Johnny back to the midway shelter/home.
Again, Johnny was back to the midway home and lived there. Until to half year ago, one rescuer found Johnny had some syndromes of his front legs. It seemed that Johnny was not suitable to live there and he brought John leave that place.
After accepting the examinations in the hospital, Johnny’s blood examination’s data are normal. The vet excluded all possibilities of the doubts, and he finally found the reason which caused his front legs over-curved was his soft tissues, such as ligaments. Furthermore, the rescuers found out John’s front lets had been normal before he was back to the shelter. Hence, the reason which caused his front legs over-curved might be too crowded of the shelter/midway home and shortage caring people (only two people care of them). It is really hard to care every dog well and maintain each dog’s quality life.
The vet suggested John no climbing stairs and better to swim more to increase his four legs muscle strength. Due to his problem of his front legs, Johnny often lays and he is not too active. But there are no problems with his daily life.
Johnny is very friendly and always surrenders his fate. Even he has experienced a lot of obstacles in his life, Johnny still keeps positive attitude and likes to accompany with people quietly in every moment. Johnny has friendly and trusty heart to treat people.
We are looking for his lovely home. If you need a friendly, quietly, and considerately families, Johnny will be the best choice of your life.
Johnny has experienced many challenges and obstacles so far. We truly hope he could get God’s blessing to have his own families who really loves him and never abandon him.
Alpha_______ or submissive ___X___
Energy level very high_____high____medium____low__X__
Does the dog get along with other dogs at home?__yes___in a public place?___yes___
Is the dog Skittish (afraid sudden noise and movement, will try to get out of collar when scared) __no__
Shy dog is just shy, not afraid of noise or sudden movement, will warm up faster than skittish dog__no__
Is the dog people friendly_yes__, children friendly_yes_,
Does the dog bark continuously when left along? __no__chew a lot__no__
does the dog gets along with cats ?__ Will run away with unfriendly cat but like to play with friendly cat.__
housetrained or not?_No, outside in training and he is peeing in the same place. _outside__X__or newspaper______
good walk on leash or not?__yes__any basic training? __no__
Is the dog afraid of man?___no___
How is the dog with new environment?__ comfortable__
Does the dog have food aggression with other dogs?­­ no
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating?__yes__
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? ___no___
Are there any red flags we should know?____no____

Please go to, on John. Click apply, it will link to our online application.
Please view John's video by visiting

Adopt Me
San Francisco, CA

(415) 221-5733

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