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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

1 year
Medium  |  Male




Hi ezybody! My name is Josh. I am a friendly, happy boy and brother to Paul. We do not remember where we started our lives but somehow we ended up in the desert outside of Surprise. It is a mystery how we got there but the nice rescue peeps think that somebody must have dumped us there. Can you imaging that? I do not know why anyone would leave us anywhere! You see my brother Paul and I are a hysterical comedy duo. We make everybody laugh at our shenanigans! But back to our story ... where was I? Oh yeah ... so we got really lucky tho cuz these people were on their four wheelers out there ... I guess they just ride around in the dirt or something ... but we saw them and flagged them down. They scooped us up and found some nice rescue people to take us in. We have been with our foster mum for a few weeks now. She is so sweet! She feeds us and takes care of us and gives us toys and keeps bringing doggie beds even though we use them at chew toys! LOL! I am super attached to my brother Paul. Wherever I go, he goes. And wherever he goes, I go. We do not like to be more than four feet apart at any given time! Gotta keep tabs on each other ... you know how it is ... we look out for each other cuz our short lives have not always been easy. We are about 10 months old. We can be wild and crazy just as two young brothers are. We like to chew up toys and try to eat our leashes when foster mum is walking us. But we are trying to learn how to have manners. Mum always says ... you guys gotta sit before I give you pets! We picked that one up pretty quick. So we need someone that gets us. Someone that is not afraid of a challenge. We are gonna need some training to learn how to live the pampered life. If you invest in us, we will smother you with kisses and cuddles and be your best friends FOREVER and EZER! We are very friendly and would prefer a house with active humans that can take us walking or hiking or even teach us to swim. We love playing in the hose ... gosh that thing cracks us up!!! Mum turns it on and this like crazy strong water comes out and we bite at it and try to catch it .... LOLOLOL! But then sometimes the water just stops. I do not get it. Hmmmm .... Anyway .... Paul and I would love to go to one of those classes where we could learn how to do cool doggie things like stay, come, lay down, etc. Mum says we learn really fast. We are looking to find some people that will love us as a dynamic duo and take care of us the THE REST OF OUR LIVES, which could be 10-15 years. Gawd ... we do not want to end up alone in that desert again! It was scary! If you decide to love us forezer we will shower you with kisses, hugs, and good times wherever we go together. We are up to date on our vaccinations. We have microchips and we have been neutered ... do not even get me started about that one but I guess a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do to be responsible. If you are interested in making us permanent members of your family, please fill out our online application: My adoption fee is $175 plus Paul’s, which is $175, so we are $350 but if you are extra nice they might give you a $50 discount for adopting us together. Oh and if you wanna see our YouTube video, check us out at

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