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5 years, 5 months
Small  |  Female

Houston, TX



Juliet is an extremely sweet and loving dog that is happy just sitting in your lap and watching a movie. She doesnt need a kennel and doesnt chew on things or go potty in the house. She wilk wait patiently for you to come home and greet you at the door. Her favorite snack is apples. She gets very excited when she knows that she is getting apple. She will sit and lay down for her treats. She loves to go outside and sun bathe on sunny days. And when she is done, she will knock at the door to come back in. When she has got to go potty, she sits by the back door to let you know. She loves bath time. If you tell her that it is time for a bath and pat the side of the bath tub...she will jump right in. She also loves going bye bye. We have taken her to several restaurants and she stays right by us. And she is quite the social butterfly. Not afraid to say "hi" and let people pet her and hold her. Juliet is a very laid back and "go with the flow" kind of dog. We recently took her on vacation with us and she loved walks on the beach and getting in the water. She did excellent figuring out the beach house and she had no problems figuring out where she was allowed to go potty. You can take this Sweetie anywhere and she is just happy to be with you!! She is going to make someone very happy to have her as an addition to thier family!

The adoption fee includes vaccinations, bordetella, deworming, rabies, spay/neuter and microchip. There is an additional $10.99 fee for Home Again for a lifetime registration of the microchip. If adopting a puppy, the rabies and spay/neuter will be done at the same time by our vet once they are 4 months old and billed to us. It is against the law in the State of Texas for a rescue not to be sterilized so we have to make sure it gets completed and that we have record of it.

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Houston, TX

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