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Cairn Terrier

Small  |  Female

Whitby, ON


Please fill out an application form. DON'T fill out the email or other choices here. has the application link on the front page. If we do not receive an application your email will be deleted. Our time is spent caring for these dogs, sometimes as many as 30 - 40 dogs at a time, and you show us serious intent to adopt when you take the time to fill out the application. Thank you for your understanding.
If there is a date next to the dog's name that is the expected arrival date. EVERYTHING we know about these dogs is on their bio. Please don't email asking for more info - we don't have any.
Please bookmark the site so YOU can check on the dog's status, updates if any etc. That's where we put everything we know about them.
We do not adopt to homes with no fenced area for the dog. They are a flight risk in the early weeks and we have the same goal - a safe, happy, healthy dog.

Sept 13/16 An update from Suzee's foster mom:
Oh Suuuzee-q, baby I love you...oh Suzee-q.

Suzee is a little doll. She just hasn't quite figured how to make it work for her yet! After six weeks, she still has a way to go, but she has made amazing progress. This girl now spends very little time in her crate. She prefers to sleep on her blanket in the kitchen, close to our GSD foster, who loves to crash under the kitchen table. Suzee now snaps to attention whenever anyone comes into the room, and sidles up for an ear scratch whenever you are close by.

Suzee really enjoys her walks. She takes time to smell the roses, and is interested in greeting people and dogs she meets along the way. Tonight, she actually turned around to follow people and dogs who passed by. No "stink eye" slithering by, but an honest to goodness "hey, aren't you going to say hello?" kind of a look. She has always walked well, but constantly turned around to make sure I was still there. Took me a little while to admit to myself that she wasn't looking for reassurance, but was actually disappointed to see that, dammit, I WAS still there! Now she just is happy to go with the flow and rarely even glances at me. I think she actually likes me, lol.

Had so many compliments while walking Suzee and Hubert, my other foster. Everyone says how calm, social and well mannered they are. Makes me proud to tell them they are foster dogs, waiting for their forever homes.

Suzee is truly ready to move on. I know she is just beginning to blossom, and have every confidence that she will boom into a wonderful young lady. As it is, she is a fantastic companion who brings joy and laughter to us on a daily basis.

Suzee would be happy anywhere with a family who will continue to challenge and encourage her to be be the dog she was born to be. Love having the privilege of being her foster Mom. She is a very special girl with the soul of an angle.
Aug 12/16 Suzee is ready for her new home. She still needs work but she has come a long way.
Well, it's been a couple of weeks since Suzee came to foster with us. We have really gotten attached to this little girl. Suzee is still very skittish, but what a little doll she is! I sometimes feel that we're not making enough progress, then I stop and see what she CAN do.

Suzee really shines on her walks. She is interested and engaged on lead, and a perfect walking companion. Suzee will always come to me when I call her out of her crate, but will skitter back when she thinks I'm not watching. We close her crate to keep her out, but she puts her paw in the door, pops it open and climbs back in. Now we latch it, but she'll probably figure that out shortly. Suzee really is a smart pup.

Currently have a full house. Three adults, five dogs, two cats and my 7 and 11 year old Grandkids. What amazes me is that none of this has any impact on this little gem. Suzee is timid, but not terrified. She is so sweet and beginning to trust. You just have to keep moving her forward.

Suzee went for a swim the other day. She seemed to enjoy it, and climbed out of the pool. Next thing I know, she flies back into the pool like she is in a Dock Diving competition. She probably just ran the wrong way, but it was priceless and I want to believe she did it on purpose.

Suzee never stops making eye contact, and that makes my heart swell. She will excel in any home that has has the time and patience to allow her to be the dog she was born to be.

Suzee walks well, travels in the car without complaint , eats her raw diet happily, gets along with everyone and everything, never barks, and is crate trained and housebroken. Hello? On top of that she is super cute. What are you waiting for? Love this little girl to bits.
July 29/16 We chose another foster for Suzee and she is doing great now! This is what they say:
Well, we have been fostering this little gem for a week now and she has taken us all in. Suzee is a somewhat timid and skittish ex-breeder, but please don't confuse this with being frightened and fearful. She has seen enough of this new world to know she wants to be a part of it, and we just have to keep encouraging her to embrace it. Think about it. Four years in a crate with little or no contact with humans or other animals. If these guys didn't have spirit and a strong will to survive, they would have packed it in a long time ago. Now is her time to shine, and shine she will.

Suzee is so cute but what draws you in are her beautiful brown eyes. She never stops looking at you. The best part is that it's not out of fear but curiosity and interest. This girl would excel in an agility class, no doubt about it. Once she finds her groove she will be a little ball of fire!

Suzee LOVES her walks and does very well on leash. She is most relaxed on walks and not at all concerned about noises, people, other dogs, etc. Her tail isn't curled over her back yet, but every day she holds it up just a little higher and it sways every so slightly now from side to side. My husband power walks and took her with him today. Thinking she wouldn't get too far, after 50 minutes I was ready to send out the search party! No worries, they arrived 10 minutes later panting and happy.

This little girl makes me smile every time I look at her. She still seeks refuge in her crate, but comes out whenever you call her and sits beside you when you close off her crate. No pacing, panting, or hiding under the bed. This is a really good sign! Suzee has the companionship of three dogs and two cats. Hubert, my other foster, is good company and an excellent mentor. |His philosophy is "don't worry, be happy", and that seems to be working for all of us.

As she is, Suzee is an amazing little girl. In the right home, she will be spectacular!
July 9/16 looks like Suzee is going to be ready for appts weekend of 23rd . More from Suzee'z foster mom:
After 4 weeks Suzee is finally finding her rhythm.

It has been slow but she has gradually learned the routine of the household. She is so attentive to everything going on around her always watching. She loves routine. It seems to comfort her to know what to expect. When she gets one step down we add another. Slowly she has progressed from not wanting to leave her crate to walking out when called and heading out to the back yard. She has a path she always walks around the yard before coming back in.

She has also learned that couch time watching a movie is rather fun and loves to have a fairly vigorous massage and snuggle.

Her absolutely favorite time is walk time. When she first came she wouldn't walk on leash at all. Now she bounces along for over a kilometre sniffing and following the other dogs. As she walks she looks up at me every thirty seconds or so and makes eye contact. She doesn't pull on the leash though she does like to walk circles around you.

The cutest thing she does is collect little stuffed toys and bring them into her crate. She moves them around like little puppies. She must have been a great mom.

This dog will need patience and love as she continues to learn how to be a dog but Those big brown eyes and the bearded smile she has when happily walking will be an amazing addition to her new home.
june 12/15 this is what her foster mom has to say after 10 days"
Our little Cairn cross guest has made a bit of progress this week.
She likes to be in a safe spot but she is watching everything around her and showing curiosity.
She definitely keeps track of who is around and perks up when she hears a familiar voice.
She has started to relax a bit and has started to let us give her massages. It is such a great feeling when she lets her guard down a bit and does not cringe when you reach out to her.
We are also working on having a speed between stopped and all out running. She is starting to respond and will take one step at a time in the back yard to match my pace.
She has beautiful brown eyes that are very expressive. You can see the mental battle going on inside. She is trying to figure out what we are up to and can she trust us. I can see she is getting closer to getting her courage back.
There is a definite sweetness to this girl. With time and love she will be an amazing dog in her forever home. I am looking forward to the day we see that first tail wag!
June 13 UPDATE! Suzee has been in foster for TWO DAYS. 48 hrs and today she not only voluntarily sat next to her foster mom she actually LEANED AGAINST HER. That is HUGE. She has beautiful eyes that watch you
June 13/16 What a rotten place these dogs came from. Suzee & Davey are the worst of the 3 for being terrified and unsocialized,
What i LOVE about Suzee is that if you are a leader, if you 'talk dog' to her she looks at you and and she WATCHES YOU. This is a sign of smart and a survivor.
What happened at this breeding place she came from? Absolutely nothing, Neglect, no life, no socialization with people - this is the result of not socializing puppies before 16 weeks - FEAR.,
She snaps and may bite if you approach her wrong but i noticed - and i handled her from the second she walked in - is she doesnt want to bite. Sadly she would have to touch you to bite and she does not want to touch you. Can you imagine a dog not nudging your elbow or putting their head under your hand to be petted? Thats what we have here so she needs to be touched touched touched and dragged into the world bt someone she can trust. She went to the groomer an hour after arriving and she said she is too terrified to be groomed. I said her life changes now and grooming is the perfect way to touch touch touch. she said she will be terrified of the dryers and i said only for a second and that was the case. Sure she tried to snap a couple times but i told her cut it out and she kept her eyes on me and went thru it and came out the other end.
She is in foster now hiding in corners and avoiding being touched touched touched but she is being touched touched touched. In 48 hours she is letting the teen touch her and she perks up when the mom walks into the room now too.
I have a lot of apps from ppl wanting to 'help her' by 'giving her love and affection'. Those are not the ppl i am looking for. I am looking for people of course to love her and give her affection by touching touching touching but need more, I need ppl who will hold so she can;'t bite them, who will hold her and put their hand to the side of her mouth and watch her back off the threat to bite, I am looking for ppl who will not say "we dont do that cuz she doesn't like it'. I am looking for ppl who will hold her close and ask ppl to touch her, to walk past anything that scares her like a garbage truck 3 more times not avoid them. To sit at a bus bench right next to all the traffic going by until she relaxes.
I have specific people in mind for this dog so please don't waste your time or mine if you can't meet HER NEEDS by NOT feeling sorry for her. Dogs live in the moment,. 'Today i got a cookie' is the way they live. Not in the past and people like to feel sorry for their 'past'. Not going to happen. I want her chasing balls and happy to see you, tail wagging, walking with confidence and enjoying life within 3-6 mos. It can happen and if you're the right people it WILL happen
May 28/16 RESCUE NOTE: When ex breeders arrive they will be groomed and put into a foster home for 2 weeks
Suzee was an ex breeder in a puppy mill that is supposedly closing down (eye roll).
I LOVE mill dogs, all ex breeders really because miserable as their lives once were they don't live back there. They are blank slates not messed up by people because they have met none. They dont bark, they dont bite, they pretty much without exception love kids and take to them faster than big ppl, are crate trained which translates to housebroken pretty much instantly.
So whats wrong with them? They have not been socialized with people or traffic or homes or life so they are a little frightened but easily exposed and turn into NORMAL DOGS pretty quickly. We have a Good Dog collar that takes care of much of this too and ensures they cant escape.
The dogs arrive on sat and we have a protocol to ensure they come out of their shells quickly and are ready for adoption with all the same abilities like having met many ppl, are leash walked, and exposed to life outside, We do this by placing the dogs in foster homes trained by us so they all get the same training & exposure. 'Flight' is your biggest worry not aggression. When frightened they RUN BLINDLY so the good dog collar and a lead is needed at all times even in the home in the begining. Two ex breeders who were adopted DIED within 48hrs of adoption - on hit by car, other lost in snow storm - because the assholes who adopted knew better than we did how to own a dog. If you get a hard time from us about an appt it's because i have pretty darn good radar re who will listen. 2 dogs died but 200 were successful adopted - 1% is not ok.
They will spend 10 days to 2 weeks in foster homes before being available for adoption. Please do watch the site for new pictures and updates from the fosters. Pleaae do send in apps. These dogs are outstanding for semi and retired people and families with kids aqs well as active people in general. They are what i call 'walk ins'. they walk in like they have always been there.
These dogs REQUIRE A CRATE! too many fools think that because they have spent their lives in one they should never be in one again. Why would you take away the one place they know and feel safe? Its just nasty to take away the only life they know and then take away their bedrooms too. If you have kids its also a TRAINING TOOL to tell the kids to leave the dog alone when she goes to her bedroom. When the dog is feeling shy or insecure she will go to her crate. The trick is to learn when to keep her OUT of the crate - she can't use it to hide from life.
This is all taught to you at an adoption appt. PLEASE WATCH FOR UPDATES AND NEW PICS (note the shaved head pics are at the vet before coming here. They are generally very matted and coated in poop etc so they will be groomed on arrival, Most will be shaved to the skin
Sympathy for this dog is not what I am looking for in an adopter.
This is not about a dog that needs to trust in people again, this dog was in an environment that was not exposed to people and needs to learn what it is like to be around people and to be treated like a dog.
A scared dog will become more stressed if they sense that you are feeling sorry for him/her and treating them like they are weak.
This dog needs a leader and someone who will challenge him/her with experiences, sights and sounds rather than coddling him/her because they are scared. I need to know what your skills are and how you can demonstrate that you are the right leader for this dog.
If you have asked about taking this dog off of leash, relating to other pets or children then this dog is not for you. This dog has not had a normal life and is just learning to become normal so ‘normal’ questions do not apply.

ALL our dogs are HW tested neg (HW TREATED dogs are marked as such), have full vetting paperwork and obviously get along with other dogs since there are about 40 of them here on any given day.
We do a microchip clinic the first Sunday of each month for $40 to raise money to pay the bills for the rescues but will chip on day of adoption.
The Adoption Donation you give includes spay/neuter (except puppies under 6 mos), all shots, Heartworm test, deworming/parasite by us at least once and is $500.
NOTE: Puppies too young to fix are adopted out ON A 'FOSTER TO ADOPT' BASIS ONLY UNTIL S/N COMPLETED and proof is required to have the contract changed to ownership. You are responsible for spaying or neutering at the 6 mo point.
Please, if you want to adopt a dog - we require you take up to 24 hrs 'think about it' time and when an aggreement is reached you take the dog home as within 24 hrs. We can not 'hold' adopted dogs "til the weekend" or you "are back from holidays" UNLESS you wish to make a $40/night donation to cover their stay as there are many, many other dogs dying in shelters who need that space.
For coonhounds and beagles only :
If the dog you just looked at is a Coonhound or Beagle here's a little more info - A lot of people think Coonhounds and Beagles are stupid but they're not! They are just joyous dingbats for sure but very trainable. They are funny, happy clowns. They also do NOT spend all their time howling or baying. They are extremley quiet dogs but when they let one rip everyone knows it ;-)) and the sound is beautiful! So much nicer than a high pitched yap any day.
If you need proof watch this

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Whitby, ON

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Rude owner of the company. She is vile and is completely unprofessional in her communication. If it wasn't for the animals, I would say to never give her money.


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