Redbone Coonhound

Large  |  Female

Lovingston, VA


Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County ALMOST HOME 29 Stagebridge Road, Lovingston, VA 22949 434 263-7722
Email: pets@nelsonspca.org IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ All animals are located at Almost Home at the above address with the following exceptions... (PSP) indicates they are located at Pets Supplies Plus, Charlottesville, VA; (FC=initials) indicates animal is living in Foster Care not at our shelter; Courtesy Postings - see bio for contact information as animals do not belong to Almost Home.


UPDATE 10/13/2016:
At the beginning of September 2016, we got sweet June from a man who was no longer able to care for her. June is a beautiful little Redbone Coonhound who is about 3 years old and weighs 50 pounds. From the looks of her body, she may have given birth to quite a few litters of puppies, even though she seems quite young. The poor thing! She is an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL red dog even though she came to us with a severe yeast infection and ehrlichia too. We have been giving her appropriate medical attention, and baths, and she is feeling better and her skin is looking better every day! She will be spayed tomorrow.
June is being a nice patient and exhibiting patience as she calmly “waits out” the healing process of her skin. Day in and day out, she is quiet and well behaved, even during the baths that are helping to clear up her yeast infection. She’s as cute as a button. One look into her eyes and you will understand why we love to love on this southern belle. According to her previous owner she has been a house dog and she has MANY excellent traits. She is:
- good in the house
- good with kids
- good with cats
- doesn’t bark much
- is good in the car and likes to ride
- is a calm, respectfull girl
- good with other dogs too—as long as “they aren’t mean”
All you have to do to know that June is a gentle, kind soul is to look into her eyes. She doesn’t seem very afraid of things but she isn’t the most confident dog either. That is probably because she is new to our shelter and doesn’t understand why so much is going on around her.
Better photos will follow.
If you think June could be YOUR DOG, please contact the shelter or Flower at 434-361-0190 or ek.gk@verizon.net , to begin the “dibbsing process.” ;~) Instead of “being a new mom all the time” she is sure to truly enjoy a life of leisure and lounging around your home with you.
Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Kids

VOLUNTEERS and DONATIONS NEEDED. Visit our website for more info http://nelsonspca.org

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Lovingston, VA

(434) 263-7722

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