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Junior 2


4 years, 1 month
Large  |  Male

Woodinville, WA


~~Junior (2)
4 year old male
Leash training and doing well
Dog friendly
Kid friendly
Unknown on cats
House trained
Fostered in Anderson Island, WA
Good day everyone! My name is Junior (2) and I am quite the guy (according to my foster mom). I have a tail, as you see, and when it gets to wagging, look out! I'm such a sweet, happy boy and you may need to clear off that coffee table. Even with my tail, I still have the famous Boxer wiggle and nothing makes me happier than being loved and doted on. So my foster mom says I have to tell you everything I can about me, because I need a special kind of home.
I have something called "separation anxiety." Because of this, I need a home where my people are home a lot. I cannot be crated because of it, so I need to be able to be out moving around and playing or sleeping on the couch beside you. But foster mom says there is a cure! The cure is other dogs for me to play with. In my foster home, I have two boxer brothers and a boxer sister. I am scared of nothing with them around. They are my friends, and I love to play with them all day long and cuddle them at naptime. I need to be part of a pack and have that feeling of safety in numbers with them. I have a moderate level of energy and so I play well with everyone. One of my brothers is REALLY hyper and silly and he and I play a lot. My other brother is really mellow and he's the one I like to cuddle with. My sister is the boss around here and I am very good at taking her direction and learned immediately that she runs the show. I never push her buttons. She actually really likes me because I am smart and know how to act in a pack.
I bond with people very quickly and love to be held and have my ears scratched. I don't want to leave your side. I will follow you around the house and lie down as close as I can get to you. Sometimes, I want to lie right on top of you! My foster mom says I am a big boy, but she understands my need for affection and lets me be close. I hope my new family will, too. I need to be close to my people. I sleep in the bed with my mom and my brothers and sister. Sometimes, after they all fall asleep, I will get up and go lie in the dog bed. I know I am safe with them around and it gets hot up there with so many dogs!
I am good with all people. I don't jump on people, so I can even be around smaller kids. But if you're sitting, I sometimes want to crawl in your lap and due to being a fairly big boy, that might be a lot for smaller humans. However, I am really smart, and take direction very well so after just a few times of telling me that is not okay, I will look for bigger humans to lay on.
Overall, I am a loving, affectionate, big boy with a HUGE heart and just need to feel safe and loved. Can you be that for me?
Foster mom here! Junior (2) is such a love bug. He looks up at you with these soft brown eyes looking for a little love and attention. He needs a lot of that. He is very dependent on his people and can be easily stressed out by big changes. He requires a mixture of wet food and grain-free kibble to address some issues with being underweight. He is gaining the weight back and will be a fairly good size when he is done. He craves interaction from both dogs and people and will cry to get it. We make sure to have lots of play time and snuggle time to keep him feeling more secure each day. He is learning how to walk well on a leash. He does much better in a pack walk than by himself.

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Woodinville, WA

(509) 607-4740

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