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Small  |  Female

Cottageville, WV


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Kaboodle is a senior citizen and came to the shelter in very bad shape. Because of untreated flea dermatitis, she had lost a lot of hair down her back and tail. She was carrying one leg. She was estimated to be 12-15 years old, and the staff decided to watch her to see if she was in pain. She was given a soft bed in the lobby, and just wanted to sleep when she first came. She would borrow under her blankets until she couldn't be seen until she popped out! Gradually, she began to get to know the staff and started to communicate a bit. When the other dogs would get a treat, suddenly she got in line for a treat, too. Eventually, she even got out of her bed to get toys. She weighs 11.5 pounds, and she has started barking to let the staff know that she wants her food or treats. She likes older kids but doesn't have the patience for little tykes. She gets along with calm dogs but she will go after kittens! She has dry eye, so she needs drops regularly. Kaboodle may have been a breeder kicked out because of her age. Poor little dog just needs a place to live out her life. Can someone give her a soft bed, a soothing environment, a toy or two, and regular food? She'd be so happy!

Jackson County Animal Shelter
86 County Farm Rd, Cottageville, WV 25239
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Shelter Hours: Mon/Wed/Fri 9am-4pm ---- Tue/Thu 11am-6pm ---- Sat/Sun Closed
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Phone (for local calls only): 304-372-6064
Rescues and long-distance adopters: We are rescue friendly and PA-licensed! Saturday transport is available to northeastern states on a regular basis thanks to the assistance of our local rescue partner, Animal Rights Fur-Ever.

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Cottageville, WV

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