Kahlua (To be adopted w/Sherry)


Large  |  Male

Richmond Hill, on


Kahlua and Sherry were rescued from Animal Control due to allergies with a family member. We will be looking for a quiet home without other pets or small children for these 2 sweethearts to live out their lives. Sherry is declawed but Kahlua is not.
Date of Birth: 2003
Kahlua is a beautiful Himalayan cat with gorgeous blue eyes. He was recently surrendered to an animal control centre and then came to Forgotten Ones. He is adjusting well to his temporary foster home.
Kahlua enjoys being with people and will rub up against you and happily purr when he receives attention. He will contentedly and patiently sit for a daily grooming, which is important to keep his gorgeous long fur looking good. Kahlua also delights in a tummy rub and will roll over so you can give him a good petting.
Kahlua was rescued with his best friend Sherry and the two are a darling couple. They have had to deal with major changes in their lives and, as mature cats, would be best in a quiet mature home.

Adoption applications are available at http://www.forgottenones.ca/adoption.html. Please email the completed form to info@forgottenones.ca.
Adoption fees are $175 for adult cats (one year and older), $225 for kittens, and $125.00 for senior cats (10+ years old). The fee includes: veterinary health check, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, testing for Feline Leukemia and FIV, vaccinations, flea and ear mite treatments, and six weeks of pet insurance.
NOTE: Young kittens may not have had their spay/neuter surgery and final vaccinations at the time of their bio posting, but they are included in the adoption fee.

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