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3 years, 8 months
Medium  |  Female

San Diego, CA


Here are a few words from Katias foster:
Katia is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve had the pleasure to foster. She is so beautiful and gentle with such a loving heart and sweet soul. When I walk her, people always want to come up to her and pet her and she loves it.
She absolutely loves people and just wants to be where you are. Whenever people come over to visit she gets so happy and excited to greet them and will sometimes jump but we are working on that.
She gets along great with her two furlegged foster brothers, an 11 year old Collie/Golden mix and an 8 year old Pit mix. She is totally housebroken, no potty accidents and she is not destructive at all in the house.
She’s pretty quiet unless there is something to bark at, like being let back inside after a potty break or being let out of her crate when she is done eating. She’s not a fan of being crated for very long, but she does eat in her crate only because she is a very enthusiastic eater.
She is very smart and picks things up quickly. She has some anxiety about being alone for long periods of time (she’s fine if she’s with the other dogs), and sometimes with new things she encounters on walks but we are working with a trainer (and temporarily on some anti anxiety meds) to overcome those issues and she is picking up the training very quickly. She no longer pulls on walks, she is learning ‘stay’ very well. She already knows sit, shake and down. She’s super food motivated so she’s easy to train. She does get quite excited at the prospect of a walk and tends to jump but we are working on that as well. I have no doubt she will overcome her issues quickly with her intelligence and eagerness to learn new things.
She will be a great addition to the right family, you can’t help but totally fall in love with that big face and your heart will melt when she gives you the look with those soft loving brown eyes.
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