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Small  |  Female

Cabool, MO


Keely is a darling little wire haired Chihuahua.....born 2010 ish........this darling little red wire coated tiny girl is camera shy and so some sneakiness was required to get these pics, she is soooooooooo cute! We call her Kee Kee and she loves that nickname......just comes running. Keely is Irish (for her red hair and firey temper!) and means "lovely".

When we learned about little Keely, she had wandered into a yard where the people were kind enough to feed her and bring her into the laundry room when it got bitter cold. But they were leaving town for the holidays and he works a job where he's away 3 or 4 weeks at a time and his wife is in school, so no time but lots of reasons why she cannot stay........So she came into rescue just as skinny as can be, kind natured and rolls around and plays with all the others and loves to play with puppies! She also has a side of her that will NOT be trespassed upon and she will tell that to them in NO uncertain terms, she is a darling little spit fire! She doesn't usually start anything, but will try to finish it. Her only truly bad habit is chasing the cats - she shrieks and runs them up onto something. Though not sure what she thinks she'd do with one if she caught it, since they are all bigger than her, LOL!

Keely is super sweet and loving and she is a tough cookie, wanting to be a full time companion more then anything. She never misses out on anything and likes the car, and I have a hard time getting out the door without her, even to go to work. She has more spring than I have ever seen in a dog her size - her vertical jump must go 4 or 5 times her height! Straight up into my lap without the feet ever touching till they land. If I clap my hands she will run and jump into my arms sometimes too! She is a sweetheart and I can't believe anyone would ever have abandoned her. This is a very special little dog.

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