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Keller & Paulsey


1 year, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

Oviedo, FL



These two special needs kittens are so bonded that they must be adopted together. Are you their new forever and ever family?

Keller was born in Aug 2015. He was diagnosed with microthalmia, (under developed eyes), in Nov 2015. He is blind, although he might be able to sense light. He does quite well for being blind. He relies on his claws to get on/off the bed & furniture. He climbs the cat tree just fine, he also is completely capable of getting on any table in the house. He is quite the little kleptomaniac, he likes to play with whatever he "finds", keys & glasses included. He loves to lay on your lap & watch TV. He uses the litter box religiously.

Paulsey was born in Aug 2015. He was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia in Nov 2015. His fine motor skills are quite compromised. He is able to perform all activities of daily living but he does it shakily. He is a very affectionate little guy & loves to cuddle, he especially likes sleeping right next to you. If you let him, he will nurse on your ear. Due to his physical handicap, he is quite messy. His exit of the litter box is usually abrupt & spasmodic causing some litter & waste to be broadcast. He uses his claws to get on the bed & furniture. He currently uses steps for easier access to the bed. His litter box entrance needs to be approximately 4-5" tall or less. It is very difficult for him to lift his back legs and he usually drags them into the litter box.

C.A.T.S.-C.A.N., Inc . is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Florida. We operate a no-kill shelter and have cats and kittens up for adoption at Oviedo PetsMart. We screen each applicant. Please call or come by to see our kitties - 11:00 - 5:00 every Saturday and most Sunday's Noon to 4:00 at the Oviedo Petsmart adoption event. You can also visit a few of our resident cats every day in the Petsmart Cat room!
Cats-Can Does Not Permit Declawing - For more information on Declawing, please visit our Feline Care Tips Menu on our homepage and visit our webpages of wonderful cats that are already declawed looking for new homes.

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Oviedo, FL

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