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Pit Bull Terrier

1 year, 9 months
Medium  |  Female

Fargo, ND



Foster Feedback:
Hello again, Kennedy here! It's been a while since I have checked in with you all, but I have been having so much fun in my current foster home it has slipped my mind! I arrived here about 10 weeks ago and absolutely love it! They call me their exchange student, whatever that means.. About my foster family...There are two little people (6 & 10) one bigger guy (17) and a foster mom and dad. No animals unless you count that weird lizard behind glass that eats bugs. YUCK! About me recently...Coming into their home my allergies were pretty bad. I licked my paws a lot and was pretty scratchy. I have been taking my allergy medicine daily and since spring they have lightened up a lot. My host mom says I am like her son, allergic to all the spring buds. She also vacuums around me a lot and washes my bedding often (says its for my own good). I am completely house-trained. No matter what country I visit I continue to love to nap and lay down in the sun (anyone know what the word "bed hog" means). My host brothers and sisters are my best friends (#6yearoldneverleavesmealone). I love their energy, friends, constant movement and crumbs!!!
My host parents are working hard at socializing me to my new neighborhood and its sights and sounds. I am still a puppy you will need to be patient with me at times and I will need someone who will work with me on socializing with dogs and strange settings. I am just curious and a little anxious about all things new to me. I am still working on not pulling or reacting when I see other dogs out on walks. I do great in my kennel and only whine for a minute before settling down!
Here is what I've been told...
Potty trained Smart dog Great size Great with kids Eager to please Treat motivated Love to snuggle

Kennedy is back in foster care and thriving! She is currently living in a home with no other pups. She gets along great with the children in the home and loves to be pampered... she recently had her toenails painted!
She goes for daily walks and is very treat motivated. She is very smart and has mastered commands such as sit and down, and knows several tricks! I have uploaded a video from her foster family :)
We are still working on her reaction to other/unfamiliar dogs while out on walks, but inside the home she is extremely well behaved. She greets at the door with tail wagging and does not usually jump up but may need a reminder on occasion.
It does take Kennedy some time to adjust to a new home, and adopters can expect a fair amount of stress and anxiety as they welcome her into their family, but with a little patience you will start to see her flourish and her true personality will shine. She is such a sweetheart!
Kennedy is currently finishing up training at Canine Training Institute in New London, MN where she is practicing socializing with other doggies! Her trainer has been working with her for several weeks and has given us a full assessment of how she feels Kennedy has done.
After arriving at Canine Training Institute, Kennedy had a 72 hour period with no direct contact with other animals. This was to let her acclimate to her new surroundings, smells, people, and dogs. Kennedy quickly warmed up to her trainer, who absolutely adores her!
They started with very slow one-on-one dog intros to help Kennedy learn social cues from other dogs. The pups then went their separate ways, and were brought together in short increments periodically over a several day period. Eventually, Kennedy was able to co-exist peacefully with up to 18 dogs at a time, which was great news!
Unfortunately toward the end, Kennedy did get in another spat with a resident dog there. Her trainer said Kennedy will need to have fun times, but also structure and direction. Kennedy's adopters should ideally plan to attend group training classes with her.
At this time, our best recommendation is for Kennedy to be an only dog- unless her adopter is sufficiently trained in dog interactions and willing to take the time to do very slow dog-intros. For this reason we are switching her status from good with other dogs.
Kennedy does have some environmental allergies. She is on a daily allergy serum. One of her main allergens were dust storage mites. A great home match would also include someone willing to take precautions and protective measures in their home, or perhaps someone who also suffers from these allergies who already does these things! Below is a great article on dust and storage mite allergies:

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