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Kentucky Bandit in CT

Cattle Dog

3 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

Marathon, RI



Adoption Donation $ 399
Located: in Connecticut
Age: approx 2-3 years old
Weight: 30 lbs

Sometimes understanding a breed is very important before you adopt a dog to live as a family member in your home. Bandit is an Australian Cattle Dog (or Red Heeler}
and is very typical of the breed. ACDs, as they are also know, are protective, in charge, strong, curious, faithful, and even tempered dogs. They are a member of the herding
group, so they need a job or activity that provides an outlet for physical and mental energy. The breed is considered one of the 5 most intelligent dogs. They are used on farms
and ranches to herd cattle, and are good agility participants. They can sometimes lightly nip in play, as this is the way in which they herd cattle, by nipping at their heels. They
are a one person dog, but can be trained to be obedient around children, cats, and other dogs.

Bandit is approximately 3 to 4 years old. He is a medium sized dog, weighing about 35 pounds. He is red speckled, with a soft, fine coat. He may be mixed with some Corgi, as his legs
are somewhat shorter than standard. He lives with my three dogs, and is tolerant of them, but seems to mainly want to play with the male 3 year old mutt. Wriggling around on the floor,
chasing each other in the back yard, and retrieving ropes and balls are the favorite play activities. Bandit needs to know the order of command in his household. Cattle dogs quickly like to take control, so their master needs to show who's dominant. Bandit occasionally will low growl, or stand to intimate my other dogs, but he is learning that this is unacceptable. Bandit
loves attention, and is bonded to my husband and I. He would prefer that we stay with him all the time, so a home where his owner is mostly home is ideal. He does not like a crate. He is
able to jump over gates, and push open doors. A large yard is best for him to run, but he walks on a leash also.

Bandit has special needs due to losing an eye before he came to us. He gets along quite well, but you must be careful reaching for him. I always approach him with my hand from the good
eye side so he is not startled. He is quite good at going up and down steps or jumping up on the couch or bed. We suspect that he may be partially deaf, maybe in the ear where he lost his
eye. Sometimes he seems like he can not hear us calling him and he sleeps extremely soundly.

Bandit loves to curl up on the couch beside me with his chin across my leg. When I am cooking, he loves to observe from under the table, watching quietly and patiently. He has a deep bark,
but we only hear it in the morning when he is ready to go out, or when he's hungry, or when we come home and he expresses his joy. He is a very good boy who deserves a forever
home with a strong owner experienced with his breed.

Home with children over 12 and Adults only
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Marathon, RI

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