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American Staffordshire Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Houston, TX



"My name is Khaleesi, but not the one you are thinking of (no, unfortunately I do not have any dragons), but the REAL life one in our 'dog world'. I am an American Staffordshire Terrier- one of the most humble and royalty-esque of them all amongst the dogs. I weigh one with a petite frame- around 40 pounds, and am I would say a medium height. its so crazy that I didn't know I was so special until my most recent doctor visit with my foster mommy to get a check up! I was SO excited & that doctor was so sweet & gave me a treat because I was such a good girl! The car ride was my absolute favorite part and my foster mommy says that I am the 'most well mannered doggy passenger' she's ever had!
With such a rare, unusual name, my foster mommy knew I would sit well with a name of one of the most powerful followings on television. Not only because I am the real-life 'Khaleesi', but because I'm a rare women, just as strong as she is! I've had a hard life filled with no family, used & abused multiple times (i memory must have decided to block out some of the unwanted details ;)) but most of all homeless. Like the TV star Khaleesi in Game of Thrones, I am also a mother. My babes have all came and went, but there i stayed still in the same position I was then.
Being the perfect combo (youthful, but mature) for my age of 3, i journeyed furthered than most do to get here, but it taught me A TON along the way. I know how to potty in the grass (NOT INSIDE) and i love when my foster mommy wakes us up with good morning kisses & the crisp air in the morning! My foster sister 'Coco' and I enjoy that time to do our business, ladylike of course, and to take advantage of a little sunbathing session. i love giving coco kisses & playing with her so much, but i can tell when its my time to go take some time to love on someone else in my foster home :).
I love being around the animals i have lived with thus far; Coco (9 yr old f choice lab-around 108lbs) and sometimes another good friend of ours now stops by 'Oso' (5 yr old M black Pomeranian/poodle-around 5lbs). Their drastic size different has been giggled about a time or two once before because of how we are all so different in size & backgrounds, but i don't see any difference (neither do my new friends). I love playing with my foster family & fur family and any other friend we are lucky enough to be surprised with thus far.
I also recently discovered humans that are more my size and, OMGosh, are they ever so fun to play with! my foster mommy calls them babies and says I need to remember to not jump on them when I'm excited and 'BE EASY KHALEESI' and that quickly reminds me to be conscious of those things. I love 'babies' so much that it just instantly throws me back to when i had my own and I guess i go into 'doggy mom mode' either by cleaning or keeping a close eye on that fragile baby. That instinct must be engraved in us here motherly gals!
Obeying commands was something I must've been born with, because my foster mom didn't really need to teach me many, and I have them all mastered! I love loving on my foster mommy and especially whenever my foster mommy's boyfriend is around- he is my close fave because he gets to spend quite a lot of time with me <3 My future forever home is awaiting my arrival, but more importantly, since I was asked to write this, I know that this message from my puppy heart will grab the family of whom my heart belongs with! This girl, 'Khaleesi', Queen of all trades, and endless love is overjoyed and most definitely eager to meet her new forever family!

The adoption fee includes vet check, vaccinations, Bordetella, de-worming, rabies, spay/neuter and microchip. There is a an additional $12.99 fee for Home Again for a lifetime registration of the microchip. If adopting a puppy, the rabies and spay/neuter will be done at the same time by our vet once they are 4 months old and billed to us. There is a $50 deposit on all puppies that have not been fixed yet. Once you provide us with proof of spay/neuter and rabies, you will receive your deposit back or we can send you a receipt to deduct from your taxes as a donation. It is against the law in the State of Texas for a rescue not to be sterilized so we have to make sure it gets completed and that we have record of it.
NOTE: In our bios, we provide information based on our volunteer's experience with a particular dog; such as temperament, training, and ability to get along with others.
AARF is a 501(c)3 Non Profit, all breed, no kill organization. Our group is always in need of donations in order to continue to give the needed medical care to our rescues. Adoption fees do not begin to cover all of the medical costs. Any donation, no matter how small is a big help and is greatly appreciated. Please help us to continue to help them. Thank you.

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Houston, TX

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