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Khen (Owner Surrender) URGENT

Australian Shepherd

Medium  |  Male

Philadelphia, PA


Please contact for more information about this pet.

Name: Khen
Age: 11 years
Sex: Male (neutered)
Breed: Lethal White Aussie
Location: Young, AZ

Vet Info: Khen is confirmed neutered and is up to date on vaccines. He is heartworm negative. Khen weighs 78 pounds.

Owner Info: Khen's sanctuary has closed and he is in desperate need of placement. He is an outdoor dog with a fenced yard, he is not yet housebroken, but is leash trained. He is a nervous dog, but he is good with both men and women, and he is in good health.
He can be food aggressive and human aggressive, but he is progressing!! He went from not be able to be petted to now accepting pets with a calm person. He is responding well to walking on a leash now and wasn't a short time ago. Khen is looking for a very special person to work with him and understand his needs.
His owner writes, "Khen is making good progress w ith some extra volunteer help. He is walking on a leash and he can be pet!! He can change his behaviors with the right amount of care & love. Please consider helping find a home asap!"
From his original post so you can see the progress Khen has made: Khen is a beautiful Lethal White Aussie, born blind and deaf. Please help!!! Khen is in urgent need of a special Angel either directly or thru a rescue that will take his special needs and temperament into consideration when working with him! He was born blind and deaf. He is quite neurotic. He barks at the ground constantly. He can be human aggressive if one touches around his head. He is food aggressive. Will walk on a leash when one can get the leash on him.
5/13/16 Khen is now quite urgent.... please continue to share Khen so that he may find a place his special place! An update from FB: Khen, is a Lethal Aussie, blind & deaf at birth, 14 yr, calmer, but still unpredictable if touched near face. He can walk well on leash, hasn't been w other dogs. Needs special placement and love

*Owner Surrender Disclaimer: These are blind and visually impaired dogs that are living in homes, but their owners can no longer keep them. These dogs are with their owners, and are not in BDRA foster homes. We do our best to screen these dogs, but make no guarantees regarding their temperament.

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