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6 years, 7 months
Small  |  Female

Denver, CO


Chihuahua Mix
6 years
13 lbs.
You know those Mother’s Day commercials with the perfect children serving their smiling mother breakfast in bed? Well, as sappy as they may be, this year I’m feeling about as happy as that cheerful mom in the perfect makeup and full curls eating homemade pancakes! I guess it’s because my PawsCo friends welcomed me into the family after I was found living with my son in a motel parking lot. Now I am safe and cozy and just dreaming of the day I meet my forever family!
I’m a sweet little gal, and I’m slowly discovering how kind and loving people can be. I’m a bit timid at first, but once I’m comfortable, you’ll never have an empty lap again! I’m potty-trained and crate-trained and like to follow my foster dad around the house - especially when he’s cooking! My border collie foster sibling is sure big, but we get along just fine. (He sometimes wants to play, but I haven’t quite figured out how that works yet- you try being 13 pounds and playing with a giant!)
I sometimes look around at my toys and soft bed and wonder if I’m dreaming, but my friends at PawsCo say my new life is only just beginning! I’m looking forward to finding a forever family who can give me the love and support I need as I continue to discover all the good things life has to offer! Email or fill out an adoption application , and ask for Kiki!

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Denver, CO

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