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Kora LOVES people


Medium  |  Female

Redding, CA


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Kora are about 7.5 months old weigh in at about 45 pounds so should stay under 55 pounds once full grown
she is crate trained and indoor dog with outdoor play and potty
loves to be loved and be with people
loves to be center of attention but not to the point where she's needy
an easy outgoing and loving dog looking for same in her humans
loves to kiss make eye contact easily responds to training, very food motivated
would make a great beach dog
has no known aggression issues
fun and active but smart and wants to please not a hyper dog fairly easy for her young age if youre a experienced dog owner

lived in a home with a cat so could be worked with on that if you know how too or read up on that subject

She loved the kids at her prev. home they where 7 yrs, 2 years and 6 months old
we would love her to go to a home with an older nice child or two that can run and play with her over the age of 8 years
out of the poking eye stage and well raised to respect animals
she is fine in an all adult home or if a child prefer a girl over 6 years old as best buddy

Kora has a healthy soft plush coat a plush tail, black with white markings and tan/brown
eye brows, rim on ears and her legs and a beautiful plush curled up tail with tan marking all along side the

Kora is not a chewer as long as you supply her with chew toys bones exercise, love and training along with supervision
the base puppy training phase is over all you need to do is continue where she has left off continue a good potty routine after a move to prevent accidents

Kora is ready for a smart and loving family that knows a dog must become part of the family and family activities
A family that loves to be close and hug and does not mind her kisses
Kora loves to eat her cookie while you hold it in your hand
she can bite pieces off
She's a sweet and gentle soul looking for equal in her human along with being smart and super loving

We are looking for a stable breed or dog experienced home owner that is home during the day
over the age of 26 years

Kora is fostered in the country and loves it but has no hang ups in the city so could easily adjust
she has a thin light body style does not bark but sort of talks like a husky at times she does sort of look to be mixed with Basenji her tail her non barking her demeaner looks more like a exotic breed
Anyone that gets to adopt this beauty will be very lucky as Kora will bring you lots of love and laughter and a deep bond
Kora is fully vetted, chipped, fixed, all puppy shots, rabies shot and monthly heartworm prevention

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Redding, CA

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