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Lakota - courtesy listing


5 years, 4 months

Evergreen, co


Lakota, 5 y/o beagle/hound mix. Healthy, fixed, up to date on vaccines, potty trained & knows basic commands. He's a very sweet boy. Unfortunately he hasn't dealt well with the move. He gets along with most dogs although he can be a little rough when playing and has some mild food aggression (growls & protective). He chases cats. He has issues with digging & fence jumping when left alone for long periods, although he sticks near the house once "free." Unfortunately he's snatched a neighbors chicken on one of his outings. He has a tendency to jump when excited & greeting people, which is new (since the move). Most all of the behavioral type issues stem from lack of activity and attention from his owner (dad is too sick to keep up).

Not crate trained. Good around kids but he is hyper at first & isn't really aware of his own size.

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Evergreen, co

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