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Laney the Loving Girl


2 years, 11 months
Medium  |  Female

Sanford, FL



Laney was turned into us by a concerned citizen. He found Laney but could not find the owner and didn't have the heart to turn her into a kill shelter. Laney can be selective about the dogs she likes to play with.
9/4/2016 Dog For A Day:
We took Laney out on Saturday and let her sleep over through Sunday. She was beautifully behaved! She walks well on a leash without excessive pulling. She passed other dogs on the street without barking, pulling, or getting overly excited.

We have 2 dogs plus 2 other foster dogs. She played well with our 1 resident dog who is equally matched in size. And I mean played. Running all over the back yard and jumping up on each other in play. She sniffed and wagged her tail at our other resident dog who is a Westie, old, deaf and blind. We did not associate her with the 2 foster dogs we currently have. They did see each other on opposite sides of a glass door, again, without much excitement. No aggressiveness shown. Just tail wagging and interest. We also have 2 cats. She was curious but not aggressive with them either. She loves to lay next to you, roll over and have her belly rubbed. She listens pretty well. Initially she is very excited to see you and jumps up, almost like she's afraid you will leave her. But once she realizes you are there to love her she will sit and let you rub her belly. She puts her head down in sweet submission as you approach her. She loves laying on the bed! She seems to love everyone she meets and is not fearful or aggressive with newcomers in any way.

She is a wonderful darling who would make a great, loving and loyal companion.

Dog 4 A Day UPDATE : She was a fairly calm dog and really associated well around people. She liked personal/physical contact with the kids. We took her to the Baldwin Park dog park, but kept her leashed except for a special "small dog" area that had no dogs at the time. We felt that because she hadn't been trained with us that an open leashless environment would not be prudent. She did interact with some dogs, but her excitement level seemed to escalate quickly. Separating the two dogs and sitting quietly with Lainey for a few minutes rubbing her shoulders or a reassuring hand on her side seemed to work well. The return trip from the park pooped her out a bit. She was a nice dog and with consistent training would do well.

Laney is a very loving dog, she loves to cuddle and sleep next to you. She also follows you where ever you go! She doesn't like to be alone, even when she goes outside. She just wants to be by your side! Her absolute favorite thing to do is play fetch. When she retrieves the ball she hops and pounces on it, it's adorable to watch.

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Sanford, FL

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