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3 years, 10 months
Medium  |  Female

Woodbury, MN



Get prepared for the the ultimate kidney bean of a Boxer! Yes, that's right Laney loves to greet everyone that enters the house, and that means wagging her stumpy tail and giving boxer hugs (yes, the full on boxer lean.)
Laney is a lover and does great in the house. She has been trained to stay off all furniture (unless invited up.) If allowed to, she just wants to curl up in your lap and snuggle. She could snuggle four times in a night and she wouldn't get sick of it. She well keep you warm through the winter months.
Laney is also crate trained. She is very quiet in her crate and will go to her kennel on command. She is generally mellow during the day, and does a lot of sleeping. In the evening she enjoys running in the yard and going for walks.
The reason Laney is looking for a new home, is that her owners do not have a physical fence and live in a busy neighborhood with lots of dogs. Laney would love to find a home with a physical fence (or open space void of other dogs.)
For the right owner Laney will be a dependable and loving dog. Laney is well trained, she has been to 6 classes and spent time with two separate one-on-one trainers.
Laney does experience anxiety while on leash and meeting other dogs for the first time. Laney does well with dogs she is properly introduced to.

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Woodbury, MN

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