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Small  |  Female

Austin, TX


Lara's life has been quite eventful lately, and, unfortunately, she seems the type to prefer predictability and routine. She is super quiet, super shy, and once you get to know her, super loving. Given some time to get comfortable, she would be a low-key addition to most any home. And boy, would she be relieved to settle down. Lara recently had a litter of pups. They have been adopted, and now she is living in foster. She is pretty OK with things right now. She is rooming with other dogs, and she does tend to curl her lip when they try to engage with her. She's never actually snarled, but she gives a stern warning. The more she has gotten used to them, the less this happens. She has also been living with cats, and since they are content to leave her alone, she is pretty cool with them. She spends most of her time following around her human. She likes to sit wherever you are, and once she trusts you, loves to give sweet kisses. She is very quiet, good in her crate, walks well on a leash, and is just about house trained. The perfect home for Lara would be a quieter one, but she is willing to adjust to busier homes over time. She does seem to take longer to warm up to men. We haven't observed with her kids, but we think she'd do well with older ones. Her small size and quiet nature would make her a great apartment dog. Lara is just a sweet dog who doesn't want to be hassled. If you can relate, you might have found your match. And remember, all APA adoptions come with free behavior assistance through APA's behavior team. And when you adopt a dog from APA, you are saving not one, but two lives - the life of the dog you're bringing into your home, and the next dog APA can save in the adopted dog's place.

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Austin, TX

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