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Lavendar Brown


1 year, 9 months
Medium  |  Female

Salt Lake City, UT



Lavender Brown: “Mom, what does Foster Dog mean?”
Mom: “Well Lav, it means you get to stay here, safe, with us until your forever family comes for you”
Lavender: “But why haven’t they come yet? I have been waiting for a long time. Is it because I am a bad girl?”
Mom: “No sweet girl, you are not bad. You remember to potty outside, you go in the kennel when we ask, you stay in your own yard, and you are very kind to the human kids”
Lavender: “What else do I have to do?’
Mom: “You could work on being more calm around dogs, not all of them like to play as hard as you do. Do you remember the little dogs you met? You were not very nice”
Lavender: “I know, I just really, really wanted them to play with me, I guess I got a little rough. But I play great with big dogs who like to play a lot like me”
Mom: “No worries little girl, we will wait until the perfect family comes for you and then you can stay with them forever. We will miss you but Forever Homes are the best”
This is the conversation Lavender and I had the other day. Lavender is a one-year-old Terrier/Bully mix who is full of love and energy. She is still looking for the perfect forever home. She loves kids but, in her excitement, may knock over little ones. She has been through a lot in her short life so it takes her a while to bond with people, but who can blame her? However, once you are on her friend list, you are on it for life. Sadly, smaller dogs and cats do not make her friend list. Lavender would benefit from continued training to work on her socialization and leash skills. She would make a great hiking or running buddy, but loves to chase her foster sisters around the yard and play for hours. After a dip in the kiddie pool, (her second favorite pastime) she would love to sit on the couch and snooze while you watch the game. If you think Lavender is the one you have been waiting for Please apply at

Adopt Me
Salt Lake City, UT

(435) 565-4031

Top Reviews

1 year ago

this dog is adorable i toatlly want hopefully i can get the money


1 year ago

Love him i toatally want him!!!!


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