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Karelian Bear Dog


Yakima, WA


Please take the time to read the entire profile. We spend alot of time putting as much info in them as possible. Thank you in advance.

Leighla is a darling young Karrilean bear dog girl. She is a stunning black and white girl. She is medium sized, with prick ears, and a big fluffy tail. She has a medium but thick coat. She is a great girl with a typical aloof temperament. She is shy at first and came from a family that did not work with her a lot as a puppy and as a result she really needed a lot of help. She is a great girl and we adore her, and know that she will find an amazing home.
Leighla came to us from her past owner. She had purchased her as a puppy while living in the middle of the national forest where lots of predators would often roam. They were looking for a dog that would protect their other pets and family. So they were looking for this breed. She was also taken to 4H by their daughter where she was worked with on her training, but at home they did not have a good set up for her, and with out boundaries or fences she was always on a tether or crated. She had never been able to run her energy out. She was caged and frustrated. Sadly this was not a good fit for either of them so they decided that they needed to find her a new home.
Leighla is a great girl with so much potential. She just needs a home that understands her breed and loves her for who she is. She loves to be the fearless adventurer. She wants to go exploring, have a good time and have a family to love. She does great with people she knows and amazing with other dogs her size. She is not good with smaller dogs. She has been good with cats as long as they are dog friendly and not scared of her. She has been in a home with kids, but does best with teens as that is what she was living with and going through classes with. She knows tons of commands and would love an active family that can give her a job and let her be a happy healthy girl.
Leighla is amazing. She is fixed, up to date, dewormed, flea treated, and ready for a new home. She is crate trained, does well on leash, and knows basic commands. She is great on leash and walks like a dream. She loves to go for rides, but can be a bit nervous at first with new people. She is not a good dog for the dog park as growing up in the middle of no where she can get over stimulated by to many new dogs at once. She would love to go biking and I think that Bikjoring, or similar would be perfect for her. She just needs someone that can work with her and give her a loving home.

We spend a lot of time trying to get to know the dogs in our program as best as we can. This means that we have spent time introducing them to dogs, cats, kids, animals, people and as many things as we can. We try to do as much as we can to evaluate them, both with in our group and if the dogs come from other rescues or shelters their evaluations as well. However dogs are individuals and will react to different situations differently. This means that we do not know how a dog will react in every situation. We give out our best guess based off information provided but the handler of a dog and the way they are introduced to a situation makes a huge impact. So if you have any questions of how to introduce a dog to your home, please let us know and we will provide as much info as we can from pamphlets to helping find a trainer in your area.
Our rescue aims to help dogs who are passed by and over looked by most rescues and people. We help the dogs who are in need of medical care, vetting, training and breeds that most will not help with. In most shelters if you are large dog, a big dog, or a male dog; from the moment you walk in you are on barrowed time. If you have docked ears or are a guardian breed your time was over before you walked in the doors. We aim to save these dogs and give them a second chance. Please help us save more lives by helping with our medical bills as they grow. This year has already been hard and we have many medical dogs in need.

If you would like to adopt this pet please send us an email. Applications will be sent to you via email. We do our best to get back to emails in 24 hrs. If it has been longer then that please resend another email. We would love to hear from you. We welcome any questions that you may have. Our goal is to find the right fit for every home, not just any home!
We have been informed that some of the links to email us regarding our adoptable dogs are not working. This has been on going for a few weeks with petfinder and a few other links. If you find this to be an issue that you are having please send an email directly to us at:
If you are inquiring on a specific pet we do ask that you put the name of the pet in the subject line. So we know who it is that you are inquiring regarding. Thank you in advance for understanding as we work through this.
As with any rescue we are always in need of donations. MANY of our dogs come in with special needs or medical issues. These need to be resolved before going home. If you would like to make a donation toward a dogs medical care you can use our paypal address you can also email us for a physical address. We are always in need of dog food, soft food for some of our special needs dogs, collars, leashes, crates, and toys!

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Yakima, WA

(509) 941-8819

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2 months ago

Listed puppies as Mastiff-Doberman mix. Told the whole store of the parents, what they looked like, how the doberman accidently got pregnant with the mastiff.... 6 months ish later, we dna test the dog (due to doubting the breeds), to find it is 50/50 staffordshire terrier with doberman. Pit Bull is a harder sell. When confronted with this information, Trisha threatened to come take the dog back, and to put a restraining order on me. She didn't like that I told her she was still under investigation with the Sherriff of Yakima Valley's Plice Dept. The Sherriff told me they receive a LOT of complaints about this lady.


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