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Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Medium  |  Female

Huddleston, VA


Please contact Foster for more information about this pet.

Hello … my name is Lexi and I am an AAMR Super Star!
Here are some very important things you need to know about Lexi
Approximate age/birthdate: Born ~ 2007

Weight/size: 50 lbs

Housebroken: Yes

Crate trained: YES

Personality: typical lab happiness, loves people
Energy level: medium with some bursts of high energy

Fenced yard required?: YES unless family is committed to daily walks/runs to be sure she gets adequate exercise
Does he/she jump fences? She can climb fences and will if she is being isolated and ignored. She wants to be with her people.
Leash walk: YES

Obedience training: Knows ‘sit’

Riding in vehicles: RIDES OK

Spayed/neutered: YES

Up-to-date on routine vaccinations: YES

Microchipped: YES

Social with other dogs: YES
Social with cats: Will chase cats

Good with children: Fine with older/larger children – may topple a toddler
Adoption fee: $75
Do you love chocolate? I was born in 2007, and I look like I could have some chocolate lab in the mix. I am a goofball and I have a sense of humor. I’ll do things I know I’m not supposed to do (like trying to steal something from the trash can) and then when Foster Mom catches me I’ll run and hide under the bed. I still love to run and play but since I’ve matured, I’m not as wild and crazy as I was in my youth. I love to stretch out on the sofa and chill. My foster siblings get mad because I really like to lay ON them too. I love to play outside so I would love to have a new home with a fenced yard, but I can also do some long leash walks if you want. I don’t like to spend a lot of time alone and I REALLY don’t want to be alone during a thunderstorm or when there are other loud noises. Yes. I weigh about 50 pounds so I have no reason to be such a chicken, but, oh well … that’s just the way I am.
Speaking of weight … I am a beggar. I will stare at you while you eat and if you try to ignore me, I WILL talk to you … softly at first, but I’ve been known to let out my big-girl bark when I need attention. I do know ‘sit’ and ‘outside’ and I will try to do whatever you want if there is a chance there is a treat for me involved.
Sadly I have spent a lot of my life with AAMR. I love them and they love me, but I really want a family of my own so my foster family can rescue another dog that needs help. I have been adopted twice and returned to AAMR now. When I was very young I was in a public pound facility and was rescued by AAMR. Then I was adopted and got returned after more than a year due to some family changes. I got adopted again, but I wasn’t happy being left outside in a pen all day while my new Dad worked, so I kept figuring out how to escape. May Dad wasn’t happy, so he sent me back to AAMR again. I don’t think I’m really so bad and I sure would like to live happily-ever-after with a family who would love me forever.
If you’re willing to give me a chance to be your new best friend, please go to and fill out the adoption application so we can meet soon! My adoption fee is only $75 and I hope you think I’m worth it.
Note from the AAMR Adoption Committee: We are an all-volunteer group, so please be patient and understand that it takes an average of 7-14 days to process the applications including reference checks, follow-up questions and home visits. You can expedite the process by providing accurate email addresses for all your references. Time to make phone calls is limited and we often have multiple applications in process. We make every effort to move through them as quickly as possible.
When your application is approved, we will schedule a meet-and-greet and home visit to see if Lexi picks you too.
If it seems that the adoption will be a good match for all, there is an adoption fee, and an adoption contract to be signed. More questions …. email them to

Adopt Me
Huddleston, VA

(434) 841-0411

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