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Lilac Fawn2

French Bulldog

2 years, 6 months

Hemet, CA



Will trade for a female not related to my dogs. Black & Tan carry blue & chocolate at/at ky/ky or blue & tan at/at carry chocolate ky/ky. This price is a steal for a lilac, this little guy is a lilac fawn pied, his eyes are glowing red which only lilac & chocolate do. His dad is Lilac Lyle, he is the only lilac in the world from both chocolate parents and they both carried blue/dilute. He came from a litter of 4 chocolate sisters and he DNA dilute dd making him lilac. He is very bully and compact and a very flat face. Lyle is only 20 pounds so on the smaller side. Mom is Lotti, she is blue pied and carries chocolate. Lotti is what they call a micro French Bulldog only 18 pounds. Lotti is very Bully and compact and a beautiful flat face.

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