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Lil Bit


3 years, 4 months
Small  |  Female

San Antonio, TX



Street Saves/SPCA

Very cute and typical chihuahua girl

Lil Bit was found as a stray with George, a large dog, and would love to be adopted with her best buddy. It's not a deal breaker and they can go separately but it would be a dream to see them go to a great home together. L.B. loves to be loved-- she is a bit cautious of people at first as it looks like she may have been abused before we found her. Approaching her softly and letting her know she is safe is all that is needed. Like most Chi's anyway, she is a little diva. Once she loves you, she just goes nuts when she sees you and cuddles. I kiss her little face and hold her and she just stares back like I am the Goddess of the World. She is a good little girl and FUN-NY as can be. She will play with a toy or a little treat and be very pleased with herself and want to show you her toy! Not recommending small kids but older will be fine. She is smart and needs to know she will not be thrown out on the streets.

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San Antonio, TX

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