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Lily Bean

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

3 years, 9 months
Medium  |  Female

Cottonwood, AZ


My name is Lily Bean. I am a Heeler & Hound mix. I was never really socialized well as a puppy and spent most of my time outside with livestock. I ended up in Sedona at their rescue facility. A nice lady adopted me along with Baby Cakes, a small chi-weenie. The lady, Baby Cakes the chickens and I were a great team. Unfortunately, my mom ran into difficult times and she surrendered Baby Cakes and me to Pets Return Home. I still see Baby Cakes everyday and we play, but it is not the same.
I do play with the other dogs here on the ranch, about 20 of them. We are all going through various stages of behavior refinement and command training. I am four years old and have spent most of my time outside.
I really like to have a companion dog. I am so affectionate. I love to be loved by a human. But I am terribly afraid of many things. I do not bite I just cower. The trainers here tell me it will get better once I find a permanent loving family. I will learn to trust them and not be so afraid.
I am a good hiker and can go for miles very easily. We all go for long hikes here and I am always out front and never as winded as some of the other chunky dudes here.
Do you know of anyone that has a ranch or large yard that could use me to help keep the livestock safe? Do you know anyone that would like to help me not be so scared. I am ready for foster or adoption. I just want to find a new buddy and new family to love. Can you help me?
Behavior Coach Notes:
Lily Bean is a cattle dog/hound mix surrendered by her owner due to life transition. She was initially a rescue dog and was cared for very well. She does have some fear behaviors, cowering sometimes, likely residual from her initial rescue. She craves attention from humans and appreciates it when she feels love. Lily would do best in a home with another dog because she LOVES having a cuddle mate. Without one, she'll howl and cry to let you know she is lonely.Lily Bean is a beautiful girl and super fun to have around. She would be an excellent hiking companion or ranch dog. She is not high maintenance, however, and would do just fine in a mellow household with a fenced yard.

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Cottonwood, AZ

(928) 793-2013

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