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Shih Tzu

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Rockville, MD


Foster Update-Lincoln 6/1/16
Lincoln has come a long way in his foster home. He has been taught to take treats nicely and is learning basic commands. Lincoln loves to be petted and scratched and will run to his foster parents for affection and gladly roll on his back for belly rubs. Lincoln is a little timid when meeting people and will warm up on his own terms. He likes to snuggle in bed and on the couch next to his humans. He is learning to trust and is blossoming into a happy sweet little guy. He would do best in a home with another dog or dogs with a fenced-in yard. Lincoln's new family should understand the breed and his traumatic early life and be willing to give him space while providing structure and boundaries.

Lincoln comes to MMR as one of 66 dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Rockville, Maryland earlier this year. Most of the other dogs have long since been adopted or gone on to rescues, but Lincoln is one of the last ones to find a placement partner. MMR is honored to welcome this gentleman into our rescue, and have promised him that he will "have the good life" starting today. Lincoln is an 8 year old purebred Shih Tzu, who is looking for an experienced, mature, all adult home to call his own. Lincoln is a good boy, but due to his age and his past, we are not recommending that he be placed in a home with children, or where children (grandchildren) visit on a regular basis. Lincoln should ALWAYS be segregated when children are present.
Lincoln has come a long way since the day he was removed from the horrible conditions he once was living in. He will now greet his caregivers with excitement and allow a slip collar to be placed around his neck. He has good body language, but still stiffens when he is picked up. This is a far cry from the terrified dog who was barking and showing teeth the day he was saved. He seems to finally understand he is safe, and the happy, friendly Shih Tzu personality is starting to emerge. Lincoln likes to make friends on his own terms, and will ignore a new person until he is ready to meet them. When he decides he wants to come over to meet anyone, he is pretty engaging. He enjoys short pets and pats on the head, but still only tolerates being picked up....he is learning that this can be a good thing, and will need more confidence building in this area. He does NOT like it if anyone approaches him when he is being held, and will react as if he is being threatened. He will growl and has "snapped at the air" when this situation has occurred. It is safe to assume that something very bad happened to Lincoln in his life when he was being held...and it involved more than one person. He is fine with being picked up(or at least tolerates it) any other time. He seems to like sitting on a lap. He has also rolled over on his back a few times for belly rubs with a few trusted caretakers, and we believe he will continue to seek out this kind of love and attention as he realizes most humans are good people. In fact, as Lincoln likes everything on his terms, if anyone stops petting him before he is ready, he will lean into them and nudge them for more affection...conversely, when he is done or had enough, he will also let his person know.
Lincoln LOVES to be out and about and on a leash. He still pulls a bit, and will need continued work in this area, but he is very happy and excited for every new adventure...or whatever is around the next corner, up the stairs, or behind the trees!!! It is essential that Lincoln's new family take him on a minimum of two good walks a day....not only for his physical health, but to help him with his social and emotional needs. While on leash, he will go up to people in a very friendly manner, and put front paws on legs for attention. He would do well with a fenced in yard, but it is not required, and walks would still be needed for socialization.
Lincoln did not do well while at the shelter. Please understand that he has and will continue to relax in a foster home and once settled in his foster home. HE IS NOT A BITER OR AGGRESSIVE, but needs patience and understanding. He became very stressed (panting, circling and barking) whenever he was placed back in the kennel cage. For this reason, he must go to a family or person who WILL NOT CRATE HIM AT ANY TIME. He is just a dog who finds the confinement terrifying, rather than having a feeling of security. He would allow caretakers in his kennel with no issue, but when they left, he would try to escape to go with them. He reacted poorly when he realized he was going to be left in the kennel....he would bark and growl when they were leaving, and sometimes would try to "air bite" at their shoes.
Lincoln is a loyal, loving dog, just like most Shih Tzus. He hasn't had very many lucky breaks in his life, but his luck has now changed and MMR will help him find his perfect home. IF you have the time, patience, experience and the heart to enjoy the companionship of this down on his luck little guy, please apply. He really is a wonderful, funny dog. He needs a chance, some training and patience to blossom into the wonderful dog we have only seen glimpses of to this point. He still has a ton of love to give someone....could that be you? (Better photos coming soon-until then, watch the video)

My adoption fee is $300, which covers the cost of routine vetting, rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter surgery, heartworm testing, my microchip, monthly heartworm prevention, monthly flea/tick prevention, and any transport costs if applicable.

If you can't adopt me, consider sponsoring my care and being a rescue angel. Click on the DONATE button below and chip in what you can. Your donation is tax deductible and helps us save more lives!

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You can save animals like this one by becoming a foster home for a dog in need! Fosters are like way stations between high kill shelters and forever homes. We need fosters so that we can save dogs before they are euthanized at the shelters. If you are interested in becoming a foster, please check out our information about fostering on our website:
MMR covers the vet care, food, and tools to get started. You supply the love. Fostering saves lives. Sometimes a foster home is the only thing standing between life and death.

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