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Lola Bear


Small  |  Female

Irvine, CA


We are looking for a special home and someone who has the ability to care for a little senior diabetic Pom.

Lola Bear is a 5 year old female pomeranian who lived with an elderly lady all of her life.

Her owner constantly fed table scraps which resulted in her developing diabetes. This is managed by giving insulin shots.

Insulin is relatively inexpensive now-a-days. For instance, Wal-mart carries her brand for about $35 a month with the needles. With insulin shots twice a day she will live a long and happy life.

Lola has a great disposition and gets along with people and other dogs. Her current foster has used her many times to assist with training other dogs with "dog issues" because of her mellow attitude.

It's been a rough road for this sweet girl and we look
forward to finding her a forever home.

Lola is crate trained and knows her basic obedience. It took quite some time to get her comfortable with getting insulin, but now she is easy. The next step is to get her comfortable with at home BG testing which means less vet visits! She does need her food and insulin spaced out 12 hours. Other then that she is so low maintenance and fun to be with. Her foster family loves her so much, but does not live a life style to be able to provide her with the structure she needs long term. She is perfectly happy spending time in her crate, on the floor next to you, or snuggled beside you. She has recently learned (through training) to stay away from people food as well as when families eat dinner and is becoming more and more respectful of that every day. She has had such a difficult start to life that we look forward to seeing her continue to blossom. Some of her habits are the CUTEST you have ever seen, including going up to dogs and people and sitting up on her back legs rather then
laying over, hoping for a belly scratch.

If you think you could provide the structure in love this little girl needs please contact us!

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1 year ago

When i saw her, i immediately smiled.

Melanie Farris

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