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I have bounced from a home in North Carolina to a shelter in NC, then to a rescue foster home in upstate NY, and now I am in this here foster “boot camp” in upstate NY. Why? I look gorgeous if I may say so myself, have some basics like shaking paw and sitting. Very house trained, calm in my large crate and love other dogs. So much so that I have gotten away once and visited all the dogs in the neighborhood, tail wagging. Eventually I returned home.

I am very muscular under all that long shaggy coat, and leash walking is not my forte no pun intended. But once over the excitement of exploring, I walk reasonably well with potential for improvement.

While I love other dogs, I am too “in your face” to handle smaller dogs. Even if they immediately roll on their backs, I have too much fun pummeling them playfully and now I can only run and play with big ones.

So why I am “special needs”? I suspect it was that one incident in my first NY foster home when I tried to steal a turkey from a counter, and when the owner of that turkey pulled me away I bit the hand. Not good. Often deadly for a dog. Thankfully I got a reprieve.

Also, I am on “slow” heart worm treatment, which is heart worm prevention (ivermectin paste) all year round . Have been on it longer than the life expectancy of an adult heartworm. And of course there are no new generations of heart worms while on ivermectin.

How old? 4-5 years? Breed? Husky mix, maybe with beardie or chow (my tongue is pink ). All are best guess.

I am awaiting my photo shoot and also a movie shoot maybe. Maybe check back later.

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