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10 years, 1 month

Denver, co


Louise is a very calm, beautiful, and affectionate calico cat. She is approximately 10-12 years old and has claws. She is in excellent health, but doesn’t have a documented medical history. Her owner passed away recently and he didn’t leave any paperwork behind. I was friends with him and know he treated her exceptionally well, which is evident in Louise's serene personality. She loves people and warms up quickly to other cats as well. She loves being pet, and sharing her love, warmth, and curiosity. During the time I was her neighbor, she liked to go outside to explore the environment but never strayed more than 100 feet from home. She seems very comfortable being indoors as well. Louise is litter box trained, very well behaved, and low maintenance. She bonds easily with people and isn’t skittish about meeting strangers or other animals. She has a rare combination of confidence, beauty, poise, and lots of personality. Her new owner will definitely feel really fortunate to be her companion—Louise is really a fantastic find and a great cat. For more information call Daniel at 970-231-2418 or Email
For more information about Louise* contact Daniel.
Phone: 970-231-2418

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Denver, co

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