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Domestic Short Hair

1 year, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

San Jose, CA


09/15/16 12:41
Needs rescue for: Surrendered due to stalking and attacking 7yr old in home (Overstim) In shelter, avoiding, growling and tensing up with flat ears when attempting to handle. - (date removed) m.kameda

09/17/16 09:54
- Stiff in the kennel, sniffs handler hand when offered then moves back into the carrier. Is not solciting at this time. AVega

09/18/16 13:16
- Same behavior. m.kameda

09/24/16 10:38
- Able to take out of the carrier, eyes are dialted and body is a bit tense. AVega

09/27/16 19:16
Cat now soliciting from handler. Able to pet for prolonged periods with no signs of overstim.

09/28/16 17:35
Recommend rescue due to a broken canine tooth.

09/30/16 12:12
Tooth does not need treatment.

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San Jose, CA

(408) 578-7297

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