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8 months
Small  |  Female

Chandler, Az


Lucy is SUPER TINY!! We believe Lucy is under a year, and is about the sweetest, tiny 5 lb baby pup you will ever meet! We do not think she will be getting any bigger than her current size~
This sweet is SUPER smart--- housebroken, crate trained, doggy door trained. She is a little timid when meeting new people, so she needs time to warm up before she's super outgoing with them. She is also still very young, so she will need her adopters to understand and agree to the typical "puppy" training that she will require.
Lucy walks great on a leash and loves long walks. She's an excellent car rider and makes a great co-pilot! She loves to fetchs mini balls (she's tiny so she needs cat sized balls) and loves her toys. She's a definite "lap dog" and a typical "designer dog" that you can stick in your purse and carry around easily with you. She is very playful, as a typical puppy....but because she can be a bit fearful of new things she still has some skittishness.
Lucy's super affectionate and loves people. She's great with other dogs and would love to be adopted into a home with another dog to play with and keep her company. She is also great with cats AND kids!!
This is what her Foster Mom has to say about her:
"Lucy is very sweet but she is definitely still a puppy, so she's got lots of energy! She's very playful but she likes several naps throughout the day. One way to calm her is to hold her (in your arms or on your lap) and rub behind her ears. She loves it and will fall asleep in a few minutes! As for her playfulness, she has even managed to get my lazy 9 yr old resident dog to play with her! It's very cute. She thinks she is so tough!! She likes to eat on time! If you are late and her bowl is within reach, she will start licking it like she's starving. I feed her grain free dog food but she does get a few treats, which includes grilled vegetables and grilled chicken (unseasoned). She love zucchini and broccoli! First thing in the morning, She knows how to get outside and definitely has gotten the hang of the doggie door. If I put the solid panel in so she can't go out, I have to make sure it's pushed down and locked. She figured out how to lift it up with her nose to get out! She loves being outside! She definitely needs a lot of toys and things to chew on. We think it would be better for her if she has another animal in her forever home unless her new parents work from home or are retired."
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Chandler, Az

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