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Lucy A Celebrate Home Dog! Lower Fee!


Medium  |  Female

Yardley, PA


Where do we begin to tell you about our girl, Lucy? A Good Samaritan saw her in the middle of a busy highway, clearly in trouble. He took her to the safety of his car and then to his vet. She had scars all over her body and was missing a leg which had clearly been amputated. She looked like she had been attacked again and again and again. What is this girl's story? How did she end up in the middle of a busy highway? Had she been dumped there? (It happens.) Was she trying to escape from people or dogs? We'll never know.
Here's what we do know about Lucy. She looks like a 40 lb. Greyhound Mix of somewhere between 5 and 7 years old. She is frightened of other dogs, but she loves people, and overall is soooooooo loving. She acts like a puppy, and for a dog who has clearly been through so much, she isn't through yet. She wants a good home with people who will love her and protect her...people who will understand that Tripods are as active as any dog with four legs...people who will look past her scars and see her for the exquisite and loving dog that she is. (posted 7/20/16, ME, N/A)
**It is rare that we know with certainty the ages or mixes that make up our wonderful dogs, but we do our best to be as accurate as possible based upon our many years in rescue.**
As Celebrate Home Dogs, the total fee, which includes adoption and transport, is only $200.00. Our goal in lowering the fee is simple. We want dogs like Lucy in your home as quickly as possible. They have been waiting too long, and they need their own beds (or yours) in their own home. More importantly, they need your love.
The adoption fee covers quarantine, worming, all vaccines, heartworm testing, heartworm and tick/flea preventatives, neutering, health certificate, and complete medical records.
Adoption Fee: $100.00
Transport Fee: $100.00

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Yardley, PA

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Is she still available for adposhi


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