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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Medium  |  Female

Albuquerque, NM


Meet Beautiful Luna!!
She is very friendly. Great with kids and toddlers, she loves being around them. Her favorite thing is chasing tennis balls, she loves to watch them bounce around. She also loves to watch the kids jump on the trampoline and sometimes uses it has a bouncy bed.
She is good with dogs and is submissive with the dominant male dog in the house but she will be dominant with the submissive female dog in the house so has to be told to settle down when she gets to excited in playing with her and becomes bossy. She can be a little rough in play so may not be best with small dogs.
She does like to cuddle in laps and be quiet. She seems to like being in a crate, she will walk in and lay down for about 10 minutes but the door hasn't been closed on her yet. She also likes to take baths. She also likes to go for walks but watch the leashes as she likes to chew on them. She gets excited when she sees other dog on her walks. She does get scared by large loud trucks even when she is in the car.
She hasn't had any formal training, but is willing to learn. She listens to commands when around food and is not food aggressive, will sit waiting for her food. She sits to put on her leash and on corners when walking.
She weighs about 30-35 lbs and is a young girl maybe a little under a 1 year old. She does have a sensitive stomach and is fed a combination of dry food (Purina) and home made food twice a day and is on a pro-biotic powder (not very expensive).
She is a great little girl. Her owners are looking for a new home as they adopted her from the shelter and they have cats and birds and she is not good with cats or birds.
She is so beautiful.
Contact Trish at 505-907-3791 or email

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Albuquerque, NM

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