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2 years, 6 months
Large  |  Female

Rathdrum, Id


2 years old
Kid friendly
Dog friendly
Possibly cat friendly
Crate trained
House broken

Maggie is a very sweet and loving girl who aims to please her people. She loves to run, jump and play with humans and other dogs. She likes to play with toys and go for walks. She isn’t a fan of riding in the car, but will do so if needed (windows up).
Maggie is friendly with new people, but tends to jump when excited. She loves to give kisses and snuggle. She prefers it if you pet her on the chest or under her chin until she gets to know you better. It lets her know that you are a safe person to be around and that she can relax some.
As mentioned above, Maggie loves to play, but plays very rough. Maggie loves kids and will follow them all around as their constant companion. Because she is so strong when she plays though, it is not recommended that she be allowed to play games with young children other than fetch or Frisbee. On walks or hikes, adults should hold her leash as well. She would never hurt someone on purpose and would feel terrible if she accidentally knocked a child down.
Additionally, since Maggie has so much energy she will need an active family as her forever family. Her ideal family would have a large fenced in yard with humans who like to play games and go for walks or hikes daily.
Maggie would do best in a house with another young dog (vs. a senior dog) because of her energy level. She is currently in foster care on a farm with 4 dogs ranging in age from 1 year to 10 years old. There are also lots of other animals (cats, a cow, alpacas, a pig, sheep) and poultry that she has shown some curiosity about, but nothing more than that.
Maggie is crate trained, but sometimes needs a little coaxing to get into the crate. She prefers to be left out whenever possible. She has never been destructive or inappropriate when left unattended in the home at her foster home. Because Maggie is shy, when she needs to go potty she isn’t always obvious in her signs to be let out. She will just sit or stand by the door if she needs to go and if you don’t happen to notice her it is possible that she could have an accident even though she is fully housebroken. She does best with a dog door. She needs a family that will be watchful for her potty signals and will work with her to learn better techniques like bell training or the use of a doggie door. She never wants to have an accident or disappoint her humans.
Maggie has gained some healthy weight since entering foster care, but still eats three times more than all the other dogs in the home. She has a very high metabolism and needs the extra nutrition to maintain her weight.
Maggie is permitted to get on the furniture in her foster home, but can become irritated if another person or dog touches her or encroaches on her personal space when she is sleeping. She can growl or snap at the person or dog, but it is just a warning when she does so. She is removed from the area if she behaves this way and that stops the behavior. She also tends to protect her family or other pets if she feels they are in harm’s way. She will exhibit the same behavior and growl or snap at another dog if she wants to protect someone. She responds very well to verbal redirects.
Since coming into foster care, Maggie has had two surgeries. One for her spay and one follow up to clean out her gut due to infection. When the vet was performing diagnostics to determine to cause of Maggie’s illness, she discovered that Maggie has an enlarged heart and an enlarged kidney. Neither of which is symptomatic or needing any treatment currently. They kidney was biopsied during the second surgery and is not malignant. Maggie does suffer from an minor bowel disorder. This disorder causes her to have soft stool and it is possible that this may be a lifelong occurrence. Treatment for this disorder is simply a grain-free, high quality diet with daily probiotics (approx. $80 per year). She may also require occasional anal gland expression due to the soft stools (1-2x per year, $60 per year). Additionally, Maggie has some skin allergies that have been successfully treated with a prescription medication, Apoquel. This medication is approximately $70 per month. Lastly, Maggie tends to drink too much water and regurgitate some of it on occasion. The doctors aren’t certain what the cause may be, but daily Pepcid AC seems to help keep it under control (approx. $10 per month with generic).
Maggie is the perfect household companion for an active family that wants a loving and faithful friend. Maggie had a bit of a rough start in life and she needs a family that will be patient, loving and that is willing continue to work with her to learn the skills she hasn’t yet been taught. She just wants a family of her own to love and play with.
If you would like to meet Maggie, please go to and fill out an adoption application.
ADOPTION FEE: $200 inlcudes spay, DAPP, Rabies, Bordetella, Microchip, Deworm, and vet check.

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Rathdrum, Id

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