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Maggie Mae D161166: PENDING ADOPTION


4 years, 4 months
Small  |  Female

Eden Prairie, MN



Name: Maggie Mae
Age: 4 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Chihuahua
Weight: 15 lbs, very overweight!
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Unknown
Kid friendly: Yes
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: TBD
Energy level: Moderate
History: From a shelter in Missouri
Adoption Fee: $300

From the Foster:
This little sweetheart has captured my heart and waddled away with it. She has suffered a lot of loss in her little life, and she has rallied with grace. Not every dog who ends up in rescue is abused and left on the streets, and I think that is important to know. Sometimes an owner loves their dog more than anything, but they can’t keep them anymore, and they don’t have someone else around to help. This was the case with sweet little Maggie Mae when her owner went into hospice care, and she ended up in a high kill shelter. The only thing I can accuse her mom of was overindulgence in food, as Maggie rolled into Secondhand Hounds at a whopping 16.8 pounds, so scared (and so overweight) she wouldn’t even walk or eat the first few days.

I am thrilled to say that in the weeks that followed, Maggie came to my home, and has been thriving. She has lost over 3 pounds with a healthy, semi-strict diet, and it has made such a difference in her little world! She RUNS! And she finds so much joy in it! You can tell it has been a LONG time! She can now jump onto the sofa to lay on a pillow, or to snuggle with us, and you can just see the victory in her eyes. She probably has another 3-4 pounds to go, but I know she can do it! She does best with a pretty strict diet, her tummy gets upset by too much addition to her regular food, and she will need to finish losing the weight that she is carrying around. She should be around 8-9 pounds at a healthy weight.

Maggie is a happy girl. She LOVES my kids (5 and 9) and loves hanging out with them while they are playing. We also foster human infants, and she adores them, also. She loves snuggling up next to them when they’re laying on the floor. She and my cat are BEST friends, and a few times every day, they play a big game of tag all over the house.

She gets along great with my other small dogs, but she will put them in their place if they think for one second they are taking HER bone, or HER pets, or HER lap space. She is after all, a Chihuahua. She makes me laugh several times every day. She has had a few people come through the house that she really hasn’t cared for, my father in-law being one. I’m not sure if it’s his voice, or the older man thing, but she barks at him and hides and will barely take a treat from him. Everyone else, she typically greets at the door with a happy tail.

She has done very well with potty, and loves being outside (though isn’t AMAZING on a leash, I don’t think she has had much experience with one). I do not have a fenced yard, and she does not need to be leashed, but I am ALWAYS outside and right by her. Yes, she might accidentally wander away as any dog might. I leave her loose in the house unless I’m going to be gone more than 4 hours. In this case, I gate her into our large laundry room, as we have a large house and she has wandered off a couple of times I have been gone too long and had an accident. She doesn’t need to be in a crate, but she will use one if you need her to.

Maggie is looking for a home that REALLY wants a snuggler. She wants to sleep in the bed with you (under the covers is her favorite spot, and this is a MUST in a prospective adopter) and would love it if someone gave her some lap time every day, though a full time at home person is definitely not required. She sleeps all night and doesn’t have any issues with accidents or needing potty breaks.
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Hi I live in Staten Island N.Y. I am interested in adopting Ava the little black Lab. How do we go about shipping the dog. Can you please advise. My name is Pat Marino. My e-mail is . My phone number is 718-667-7822 thank you

Patrick Marino

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