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Border Collie

2 years, 2 months
Medium  |  Female

Baltimore, MD


A wonderful ASR volunteer drove all the way to SC to transport her, her sister and 5 other lucky pups to the TLC of ASR volunteers!
Update: Maggie, as she's called at home, is getting along well with the resident dogs, especially the female. She is quite frightened of the humans but we are working to alleviate that. Hand-feeding and lots of holding should help her work out her fears in no time. Poor thing has been through a lot in the last few days!
After a few visits with the bathtub, Maggie's coat is full of shine and softness. Her sweet little black face is nothing short of adorable. She is going to be a beautiful dog!
5/3 Update: Maggie has greatly improved in keeping her crate clean! No accidents for five days now and she has learned to use her voice when she needs "to go". We are still working on overcoming her fear of humans. Maggie is settling down a little faster while being held and seems to enjoy the shoulder rubs!
5/18 Update: Maggie continues to grow and thrive! She is showing a little less fear toward the resident humans, but still skittish. It is much easier to touch her if one of the resident dogs is also receiving attention. I think deep down she really wants the attention but just can't quite bring herself to fully relax. Maggie most likely will need a companion dog to help her feel a part of the "pack".
7/18 Update: Maggie is warming up to her foster mom, allowing petting and easy leashing. She is mastering the "Sit" and "Wait" commands while on walks, which she loves! Maggie goes readily to her crate (most of the time) when commanded, she's much faster at this if she sees a treat in my hand! She's a sweet little girl that will need time and patience from her forever family. Maggie will soon be meeting with a professional trainer to help us determine how best to help her overcome her fear of humans.
8/11 Update: There has been some progress made with Maggie. She loves going for a walk and comes readily, and excitedly, to me when she see's her leash and hears "let's walk". We are still dealing with "accidents" in the house due to Maggie's discomfort of getting too close. If loose, she has to be closely watched. If she is tethered or in her crate, Maggie will bark and whine to go out.
10/11 Update: Maggie has been attending group obedience classes and is doing very well. She walks nicely on a leash, with occasional, gentle reminders. She will sit on command and knows "wait". Maggie's recall is coming around. Because Maggie is around "new" people in class, she is learning that people are okay to be near, and even better if they have a yummy treat! Maggie is a very sweet, affectionate little girl. She can be mischevious but corrects easily, if you're not laughing too hard!
**When applying to adopt one of our puppies, please remember this: Up to the age of 8 months old, puppies cannot be left alone for a standard work day. Arrangements will have to be in place for 4-hour intervals until the pups are at least 8 months old. Having someone with them every 4 hours until they are older greatly facilitates the housebreaking process
If you are not yet approved to adopt from All Shepherd Rescue, please fill out our online application at Our adoption fee is $300.00.

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Baltimore, MD

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