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Vixie (aka Magnolia)


Large  |  Female

Lovingston, VA


Please contact Flower & Ed (, (434) 361-0190 for more information about this pet.

Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson County ALMOST HOME 29 Stagebridge Road, Lovingston, VA 22949 434 263-7722
Email: IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ All animals are located at Almost Home at the above address with the following exceptions... (PSP) indicates they are located at Pets Supplies Plus, Charlottesville, VA; (FC=initials) indicates animal is living in Foster Care not at our shelter; Courtesy Postings - see bio for contact information as animals do not belong to Almost Home.


UPDATE 8/6/16:
Vixie is a beautiful lemon and white hound. She is about 3 years old and weighs 55 pounds. She has beautiful, long legs. She came to us as a stray in January 2016, afraid of gunshots, fireworks, and loud noises. She was adopted right after we got her, but returned in May because her family lived in a neighborhood close to several busy roads and she kept digging out under their fence. They loved her very much, but couldn’t chance her getting hit by a car during her many escapes. The following words were written by her mom and given to us when Vixie was returned:
“VIXIE LIKES PEOPLE AND KIDS AND IS GREAT WITH OTHER DOGS AND CATS TOO. (They have two small children and Vixie did very well with them.) Vixie, named after the lady fox in the “Fox and the Hound,” is a sweet soul. She may have been neglected as a pup, or at least did not have much interaction with humans, and as a result is VERY independent. Her instinct is to sniff and run, like some hounds do, and is very determined to get where she wants, so she needs a very secure fence to keep her safe. Vixie takes a while to settle into a new home, and will be quite reclusive until she’s comfortable. For that reason, it’s best to keep her close to her humans as much as possible so that they can start to bond and she doesn’t mope too much. She may seem unsociable at first, but she but will come round to humans who are patient and invest time with her. It’s very rewarding when she does. Vixie has MANY GREAT TRAITS. She:
- is house trained. Had 2 accidents the first 2 days but thereafter was very good about keeping it in.
- did not chew on things and she did not scratch at things.
- wasn’t crated in the house and didn’t need to be. She was very attached to her bed so might like a crate.
- did not bark in the house but she did bark outside a lot when she scented something.
- our other hound Copper would stay in the living room (uncrated) when we left them home alone. I made sure to close the doors so that they didn’t roam the house and find trouble to get into. When we were gone it seemed that Vixie just headed to her bed to sleep.
VIXIE IS FANTASTIC WITH OTHER DOGS, CATS, KIDS, and BASICALLY EVERYTHING. She is not playful with them, but is respectful and will even tolerate massive amounts of attention from toddlers. This is how you can tell she has a genuinely sweet soul, without a mean bone in her body.”
Vixie needs a family with lots of time and patience to work with her. A large, securely fenced yard (perhaps with an electric cattle wire under it to prevent her from digging under), or acreage NOT close to a busy road, IS A MUST for her. Each time she made an escape from the home she was in, she always came back home. “House hounds” make great pets and Vixie will thrive with the right family!!! If you are interested in her, we can arrange for you to talk to the wonderful family she lived with recently.
CONTACT FLOWER at 434-361-0190 or for more info about this sweet girl.

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Lovingston, VA

(434) 263-7722

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