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Small  |  Female

Austin, TX


Some dogs just wind up with us by chance, others really are in need of rescuing. Marigold is the latter. She's a lovable misfit. She'll require more care than your average dog, but she's not your average dog. She's one of the special ones.

Marigold was rescued from a shelter out in Lampasas. We don't know much about her, but it seems she's lived quite the life. It looks like she's had some babies, gotten a few battle scars. And she has a condition called "megaesophagus," which is just what it sounds like. A big esophagus. To summarize, it means it is super uncomfortable to eat. It takes her a long time, about an hour. She is aided by something called a Bailey's chair, which is almost like a high chair for dogs. Marigold sits in it like a throne. She's all, "Where're my dragons?" as she begins the meticulous process of dinner.

Outside of dinner, she is as sweet and as low maintenance as can be. She is very loving and affectionate. Her favorite thing is head rubs. If she is in need of a head rub, and you are not giving her a head rub, she will stare at you with the most pathetic puppy dog eyes and paw at you until you cave. She knows how to work what she's got. She likes to go on short walks, and is very well-behaved on a leash. She gets along with both cats and dogs, and is a perfect lady when left in the house alone. She can't hold her potties for long, but she knows to go on a pee pad if she can't be let out.

Marigold would do well in a quieter home, and with someone who can take the time to help her with her condition. It's really feeding that is the biggest change from a normal routine. She will need to be fed twice a day, and as noted, it takes a long time. She also has some meds to help her along. Our medical staff will give you all the info you need.

Marigold might require some extra care and commitment, but she gives you extra love and affection to compensate. She makes the best of her situation in every way. If you have a similar outlook on life, you might be the special person Marigold has been looking for.

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Austin, TX

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