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2 years, 3 months
Medium  |  Male

Princeton, MN



Hi my name is Markie, but my foster Momma calls me Scruff. I seem to like that name because I do come to it. My story is a sad one, I was born somewhere on the streets of Houston. I never had a home or humans to love me and because of this I am very afraid of them especially men. I just made sure to stay away from the mean ones on the street and there were a lot of us that lived that way. One day while I was minding my own business, someone came and caught me from the street and put me in a cage then brought me to a really loud building with others like me that were crying and really scared. It was so crowded and noisy. I was so scared and didn't want to sleep, afraid that someone would hurt me. Then someone came to my cage and said I was going to a rescue in MN. I didn't know what this meant as I was so scared and just wanted to run away.
Now that I am in MN, and in a foster home, my foster mom is learning more about me. She has learned that I am very shy, and men and children scare me. I take some time to warm up, but then I like to lay next to my person.
I love other animals, cats and dogs, all sorts of wild life. I will need to have another dog in the house to help me feel safe.
I am a high flight risk, and home with a 6 ft fence would be best. I could easily jump a short fence, and will if I get scared. Sudden noises scare me. Hopefully after time, I will adjust to the sounds around me, and they wont frighten me so much.
Busy roads with lots of traffic DO NOT scare me, as I have no clue to worry about it.
I am glad to see you come home, and I will act like a silly little puppy.
Something cute about me- I like to lay like a frog all the time.
If you have the time and patience to put in with me, I will have the the love that you will eventually reap.
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