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Domestic Medium Hair

10 years, 5 months
Small  |  Female

Akron, OH



// All dogs are altered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested/started on prevention prior to being adopted.

Marley went to see the vet today because her nails were so long that she kept getting caught in things and fell off the desk. The vet started trimming and Marley was good for two then started her snarling and hissing. She wasn't happy at all. They ended up putting a full face muzzle on her so that she could not bite. It calmed her down and the vet was able to get all of them trimmed. Marley is pooped out after all the excitement but at least she is able to climb onto things again without getting her nails stuck. Marley was a stray found living under a shed. When first found she could hardly hold her head up and had goopy eyes. The people that found her cleared her eyes up but were unable to keep her do to allergies.
November 2015. HA Marley was not expected to survive long ? She's little sweetie. Testy at times when it comes to touches but she wants nothing to do but have her head scratched. Marleys meds are a jel that get put inside her ear. No more pills She's gained some weight and her disposition has improved. She still is not found of some of the dogs but will tolerate them if they ignore her. One of the foster homes' cats chases her so we hope that we can find another place for Marley to go and be happy.

Friday 5/19 we picked her up and called the next day to get her into the vets to be checked out. 5/28 was the earliest they could see her. Marley is very thin and boney even though she has aceess to food 24 hrs a day. She barely eats. She drinks and pees a lot more than normal.
At the vets... heart sounds good, ears, eyes and teeth look good. She appears to be spayed and about 8 -9 years old. First they tested for FIV & FeLV which were negative. Also did a fecal which was negative. Now to find out whey she drinks and pees so much. Urinalysis test showed she has a UTI. More bloodwork which came back that she has hyperthroidism. Her BUN was elevated but her Creatine was normal. We are starting her on Methimazole 5mg twice a day and will repeat her bloodwork in a month.
Marley loves attention but right now not happy around any of the dogs nor other cats in her foster home. We hope that hyperthroidism may be part of the problem and hope that once her levels get a little more normal she will not be so nervous around them.
We were told by the vet that we should not get our hopes up because she feels her kidneys are failing. She said she would suggest a kidney diet but since Marley hardly eats was afraid that she wouldn't eat that. We are not giving up on this little lady. She's a talker and wants so much to be loved.
Marley would love an angel to help out with her bills. Total today for all the testing so far wa $243.00

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Akron, OH

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