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Rat Terrier

8 years, 4 months
Small  |  Female

Minneapolis, MN


Adoption Fee $300

Meet Mary!

Mary is a gentle lady who found herself at the shelter. She's hoping to find a forever home really soon.

Mary is a real sweetheart. She is very quiet, well-behaved, & curious. She is initially a bit shy but will adjust if given her own space. She loves to cuddle, explore, & go for car rides & walks. Although she enjoys cuddling, she won't just jump in a lap. She stands near the person she wants to be held by & waits to be picked up. She enjoys exploring whether it's the fenced backyard, a new place, or trying new things. She's discovered that she really enjoys chew toys (she's not sure about squeaky toys yet), napping on a favorite pillow & blanket, sunning herself on the deck. She likes being out in the rain but is unsure about standing water like lakes, pools, & rivers. She rides very well in the car. She sits pretty as a princess in the passenger seat & doesn't move. She will also use a booster seat. She prefers to be in the passenger seat rather than in the backseat. She walks well on a leash. Although she does not heel, she doesn't pull or wander.

Mary is housebroken. She goes to the back door & whines to indicate she wants out. She does okay when crated/kenneled although she is not currently being crated/kenneled when her foster mom is absent. She has not had any accidents or gotten into anything while left alone.
Mary likes all the people she has met so far. She is good with kids when she meets them but hasn't met any under the age of four. She is also good with elderly adults when she visits the memory care unit with her foster mom. She is good with other dogs in her foster home. Although she plays with the other dogs, she would be fine as an only dog as well. She really blooms with one-on-one attention. She is good with cats although she has had limited exposure to them.

Mary is food motivated but a bit tentative until she determines that she likes the food. She likes dog biscuits but LOVES Nilla wafers. She will ignore a dog biscuit if she smells Nilla wafers in the house. She will go & sit in front of the cupboard that holds the Nilla wafers. She knows her name along with the commands of come, off, sit, & stay. Her foster mom is working with her on give it & leave it even though there has yet to be a situation in which it is needed.

Mary rarely barks but does whine. So far the only time she has barked is when one of the other foster dogs tried to sneak out the door. She will whine when she wants something. She stops as soon as she either gets what she wants or decides she no longer wants it.

Mary has little to no shedding. She currently prefers having long strokes over her back instead of being scratched. She is okay with the long strokes being done with a brush or comb. As far as bathing goes, Mary stands still & tolerates the water. When you start lathering the shampoo, her cute little tail starts wagging. She recently had a dental cleaning & six teeth removed. To help maintain her oral health, she currently drinks water with a clorohex additive & receives the Leba III spray daily. She is okay with having her nails clipped but starts squirming after having one paw done.

Mary's perfect home will have a spot where she can sun herself, a dog bed where she can nap, & be willing to let her explore either in a backyard or on leashed walks.

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