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2 years, 7 months
Medium  |  Female

Burnsville, MN



Sweet little Mary was picked up by animal control several times and the last time she was brought in her family surrendered her. Mary has spent her entire life having puppies and it appears she may have just had a litter very recently.
UPDATE: Mary is recoving from Coronavirus and is feeling much better!! She will be leaving the vet clinic and going to her foster home. Once she is all better we will get her in for her routine vetting and to get the bump removed from her foot. Please check back for updates on Mary!!
THE LATEST: Mary is settling in beautifully at her temporary foster home. She is occasionally limping on that back paw but she's getting a little spring in her step now. She "trots" and is becoming a wigglebutt when we let her out of the crate and get home. She is wanting more petting and staying awake more. She is housebroken. She hasn't played with toys yet. Mary likes to sleep in the cat's bed!
MEDICAL UPDATE: Mary had emergency surgery on 9/20 for Pyometra and also had the tumor removed from her leg. It was also found that she had an ovarian tumor so that was removed as well. She is feeling much better already and has been up walking and going outside to potty and has been eating and drinking very well. She will spend another day or two at the vet clinic then will go back to her temporary foster home to recover. Once she is back on her paws she will head up to Wisconsin to her foster home :)

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Burnsville, MN

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