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American Staffordshire Terrier

3 years, 11 months
Large  |  Male

Minneapolis, MN


Hi, I’m Mason, your new best friend! I was rescued by MACC over two years ago from a pretty sad situation. I was then taken in to rescue and now I’m in search of my forever family! Everyone who meets me instantly adores me because they can see how much I love them. I know if you give me a chance you will adore me too!
I love to spend my days cuddling or just hanging out with my foster family. In the winters, we avoid the snow and cold and sit in front of the cozy fireplace. I love when I get all toasty and warm when I take naps in front of the fireplace! In the summers, I enjoy hanging out on the patio and going for jobs. My favorite part is catching some sun on the picnic table and eating ice cubes! I have a foster brother, Homer and sister, Pip. Pip and I like to chase each other around and wrestle while Homer just like to buddle with me. If a squirrel or rabbit is ever brave enough to come into my backyard, the three of us chase it off which is REALLY exciting! I don’t think I should live with cats, I may mistake them for a squirrel or rabbit and want to chase them too.
I love car rides and my favorite place to go in the store because I really get to show off how much I love people! I have had so much fun with all of the training sessions I have gone to and the trainers are always impressed with how smart and athletic I am. My best day ever was when I got to go to agility! I jumped through hoops and over hurdles, I balanced on the plank and teeter-totter, and I eventually mastered the a-frame and tubes!!! I would do anything to go back again and try all of the other sports! If you adopt me you will get a free one-on-one training session and I can show you all of my skills!
Since coming to rescue I have learned tons of manners. I know to sit in “my place” and wait patiently, even with food literally right below my nose, until I’m given the ok to eat. Speaking of “my place”, sometimes I get too excited and know that I need to calm down so I will go to my place on my own and when I am calm I can go hang out on the couch again. Obviously I’m great and the “wait” and “leave it” commands, but I am also highly skilled at “off”, “sit”, “lie down”, “shake” and “look”. Keeping “four on the floor” is what I am working on now and it is really fun because I get so many treats!
I just love people so much and I get a little excited to meet them so that sometimes I forget to behave like a gentleman. This might be a problem around kids especially since I haven’t had much experience around children. If you help guide me and don’t mind taking things slow I wouldn’t mind sharing my future family with another low energy dog. My foster family said that I am always welcome to come back for playdates with Home and Pip to make sure I get some socialization!
Whoever said that black dogs don’t photograph well is wrong! Did you see how great my shiny black coat and bottom lip looks in all of my pictures?! There is even a video of me doing all sorts of cute stuff. If you pick me you will have the handsomest and sweetest dog you’ll ever know and I will love you forever! Come cuddle with me today!
Mason is sponsored by
Chris & Nancy Gregson
and their two rescues, Sophie & Apollo
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Minneapolis, MN

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