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Basset Hound

5 years, 8 months

Carrollton, TX



UPDATE 10/1/16, 10:20 PM: Maverick has had a good day today. He has eaten both meals, drunk water, gone outside to potty, taken his meds with cream cheese, wagged his tail very slowly, and barked for the first time in 6 days! Still sleeping often, but no more grumpiness toward Roscoe (thank goodness). I think the fluids yesterday were so helpful to him. Hope to hear back on Monday the results of his test for Addison's Disease.
UPDATE 9/30/16, 3:30 PM: Back home with Maverick. He got two plain burgers when we left - and ate them both. Got home and he ate some yogurt and took his meds with some cream cheese - YEAH! Also ate a small bit of kibble and had a good long drink. He is rehydrated and hopefully today's boost will help him. Coughing is still mild. He is very grumpy toward Roscoe, so I know he still feels bad. Poor Roscoe doesn't understand why Mav is being so grumpy. They are both sharing the loveseat with me and sleeping now. Thank goodness.......
UPDATE 9/30/16, 1:10 PM: Can pick Mav up around 2:30 PM. He is getting some fluids. His kidney values were elevated again, so he obviously isn't drinking enough. Will be able to stay with him the next couple of days and monitor his fluid intake better. I bought some groceries that I hope will entice him to eat some more, too. Please keep Mav in your prayers.
UPDATE 9/30/16, Noon: Mav is still at the vet this morning, having some testing done and getting some fluids. He isn't responding as quickly as we would like to see, and he has lost 4 lbs since Tues morning. He has very little appetite, and has still been sleeping alot. On the good side, he has been getting up and walking around more, and he has been coughing some, which hopefully is helping to pull the congestion out of his lungs. I will update later today when I have more to share. Please keep Maverick in your prayers. This dog's spirit continues to amaze me!
Update 9/29/16 - Sweet Maverick is still a pretty sick boy. He is improved over Tuesday, but he still isn't well. He is starting to cough somewhat, so hoping that means the pneumonia is breaking up and trying move out. We see Dr. C at 8:00 am tomorrow and hope that he sees some improvement. Please continue to keep both Mav and Roscoe in your prayers (Roscoe was neutered and had a couple of Basset Bumps removed on Tuesday). Thank you!
;Update on Maverick 9/28/16 - from Janet Dean, Mav's foster to adopt mom -
"Mav has as been up and down last night. I slept on the loveseat so he could be close to me if he wanted to be, and he did 4 different times. Kept a blanket on him as he shivered often, and I know it was cooler last night, too. Didn't want to eat or take meds early this morning, but he did when I got back from picking up Roscoe. Very grumpy and growly with Roscoe. Both did finally eat breakfast with a scrambled egg from McDonald's, and took their meds".
UPDATE on Maverick 9/27/16 am - good news and bad news. Mav saw his regular vet today who said although his kidney values are not great they are not the cause of his being ill. His lungs sounded ok but he did a chest X-ray to make sure. The vet discovered cloudiness in his lungs and diagnosed PNEUMONIA! Mav got two antibiotic shots and was sent home with Amoxycillin and Baytril. Mav will be seen on Friday and we're praying that he's feeling better. Your prayers are needed for Mav this week.
UPDATE summary on Maverick - over the weekend Maverick had to go to the ER. He suddenly became ill and his gums were pale. He was rushed to the closest hospital where they immediately began an IV. He was in terrible pain. A abdominal ultrasound will be done today. As soon as results are in we will give everyone an update.
UPDATE on Maverick 9/25/16 pm. This poor guys kidney levels are off the charts. Kidneys functioning at 35% making him at risk of failure. Platelets are low again probably from ehrlichia and anaplasmosis. Mav was dehydrated and had to have fluids while at the hospital. Maverick is scheduled for a abdominal ultra sound tomorrow.
UPDATE on Maverick 9/25/16 am from Mavericks foster mom from ER waiting room - Finally got into exam room, and they just took Mav back for blood work and possibly an abdominal scan. 3 vets here, so hopefully will know something soon.
UPDATE on Maverick 9/25/16 am. Maverick became suddenly lethargic and non responsive. Gums pale. Heading out to ER.

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