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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

8 years, 9 months
Medium  |  Male

Beautiful and snuggly little guy! Full of wiggles and kisses! Housebroken, crated at night, doesn't jump on you, loves to snuggle, hanging out by your feet, loves car rides and playing in the yard. His little tail always wagging. :) Max instantly loves EVERY PERSON, he showers strangers as well as his family with affection, he is just too cute for words. Max has had a tough life, his face may have been kicked or hit by a car, its a little off center and he also favors one side on his hip. This does not hold him back, or seem to cause pain. He loves short walks, but mostly is a couch potato, eats great, just a happy soul that needs a happy ending. Max needs to be the only pet in a home. No cats or other dogs. He's great on walks, but doesn't want to share attention with fellow animals in the home. Max would make a excellent companion! Quiet, gentle, no drama in the house, accommodating, just a total joy. Always a smile on his face :) Adoption donation $200, includes his neuter, rabies, dhpp shot, worming, frontline, heartworm test, heartgard, microchip, Bordatella Vaccine.

Appointments are available most days, dogs are held for SAME-DAY appointments only. Dogs are fostered in Vacaville, we do not transport or deliver dogs. All potential adopters must travel to vacaville to meet and potentially adopt dog.
Please email to make your appointment or if you have any questions. :)
*Please be ready to adopt when making a appt., we do not hold dogs while you get ready/go on vacation etc. Dogs remain available until they are adopted. If you aren't ready to potentially take a dog home, please contact us when you are. :) This helps keep our available appointments /time productive.
We never say a dog is housebroken, a new routine, environment, food, all lends itself very well to having a accident in the home. Please take any new dog regardless of age and act as if they are not housebroken.
Barking/Digging: Any dog can be or become a barker, or digger if the behavior is allowed and not corrected. A dog can act one way in one home and a completely different way in another.
Whining: The first few days in a new home, a adopted dog can become VERY upset, anxious and vocal. Every home they go into, there is a adjustment period that will need to be understood. We suggest "test"runs when you leave the dog alone. Make is short segments first and increase the time. This way the dog knows you are always coming back. Make sure they have something to keep themselves occupied with while you are away.
BITING: Please do not EVER put your face in a newly adopted dogs face or take food/toys our of their mouth or position. This is the surest and fastest way to get bit. Especially children.
Adopting a dog takes time, patience and a commitment from his/hers new family, please be prepared for ALL the ups and downs when bringing home a wonderful dog in need.

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